How much would u pay for used mono Speedy35?!

  1. hi ladies..

    i need some opinions please, im thinking to get mono speedy 35 and considering to get the used one as i want the 'nicer brown' coloured vachetta.

    so.. how much do u think would be a reasonable for used mono speedy35 from MPRS?!

    any opinions would be great please, thanks :heart:
  2. I purchased a pre-owned about 6 months ago in good condition (handles nice honey patina..inside clean)..for 425.00 plus shipping. One of the best purchases I've made in my LV adventures..
  3. did u post a pic somewhere, never-enough-LV?

    that sounds like a good price for that condition though..
    also do u mind to tell me who the seller was please?
  4. I was just going to say $450.00 to 475.00.
  5. here is a good deal on mono 40
  6. that is a great deal!
  7. ^Woah, that's a really good deal on a 40!
  8. I have a picture of my monogram collection...Its in the front..

    I LOVE the 35...its so roomy...but not to big...It is my favorite in my collection..and I use it the most:yes: :heart:
  9. ^ I soo envy your collection!

  10. ahhh thank you...:idea:

    It started out with my first purchase..a Speedy 25...:love:

    Which I sold to get a Papillon 26...then sold that to buy I think it was the Alma...and it just grew from there...

    Now....If I see a bag I really want...I go to my closet and decide which one I can live without...sell it ..and hopefully come out ok to make the next purchase.

    Its a fun hobby..and I justify it by remembering it is a pretty reliable investment..:flowers:
  11. never enough lv where did you sell your bags???
  12. usually on eBay...
  13. If I ever get to the point where I have too many bags (I've been collecting other things for a while, and for me there is such thing as having too much), I might start selling, too. But I have a teensy collection, so it's all right for now. It's so much fun to try out different and interesting bags! And, you're right, it is a reliable investment!
  14. never-enough-LV, ur collection is really nice..

    thanks for sharing it with us :heart:

    now im still on a hunt for perfect Speedy35 and jealous of yours :Push:
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