How much would it cost to replace handles?

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  1. How much will it cost (approx.) to replace handles? I read in a previous thread that it costs $40 to replace the THREAD? :wtf: So how much is it going to cost to replace HANDLES? :sad: Any idea, anyone?
  2. i'm sure it depends on the bag, but i've heard it runs about $150
  3. Give your store a call..I think like killerlife said around $150..
  4. New handles on my Bedford were $70. They are a style that are really easy for LV to replace. Handles that are integral to the bag are going to be a lot more, tho.
  5. $150.00
  6. My speedy is in right now getting the handles and chads (where the handles attach) replaced. They quoted me $145.00 for the repair - it's been there almost 6 weeks! I miss it terribly!
  7. I asked when I was debating on getting a speedy and the SA laughed and over joyously said "oh dont worry about that!!! you wont need that for a LONG time and when you do you'll probably be using another bag!" I looked at her, and politely smiled. I think she felt bad so afterwards she told me $150.
  8. my vavin gm was $70, and i miss it, i have to use my target bag for my books now....its still in the shop, 2 days....
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