how much would it cost to clean, fix-up or re-dye bags at the boutique?

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  1. hey girls! lately i've noticed some bags going on ebay for relatively cheap but they're in quite bad shape. some are faded, the strap has worn away a bit or it's just plain dirty. has anyone gone to the boutique to clean/fix/re-dye their bag before? what was the experience like - did it take long and how much did it cost? :confused1:

  2. I was told by a SA it cost $300 to clean your bag.
  3. I believe it's around $150 to redye your bag. If you have an SA at Saks, try going there first as they sometimes do it for free (not always though...)!
  4. i was just going to start a thread on this topic b/c i wanted to clean up one of my bags, but that $300 pricetag is a little scary. i thought repairing bags were free?? or is it only if you have a receipt? b/c a bag that i have bought from Saks is coming loose near the straps, would i have to pay to have that fixed as well? (keep in mind that i've only had it for 2.5 months)
  5. I was told cleaning/repair is free for the first year. After that, 55 for wallets, 110 for bags. No receipt needed, which means you can bring your chanel bags bought from Saks, NM to boutique for cleaning.

    FYI, I did repair my cambon wallet for free. It took a while though, in my case, exactly 1 month.
  6. what if you bought your bag from saks and brought back to saks for cleaning? is it free then? TIA
  7. I have no idea. My local saks doesn't have chanel boutique. :graucho:
  8. The cleaning is free within one year from purchase date at Chanel botique. i believe that if you bought the bag from Saks or Neimans, you are supposed to bring the bag back to Saks and Neimans for cleaning, not the Chanel Botique. But not 100% on that!

    Maybe some of the other ladies have a better idea?

    I have asked Lovinmybags to pricequote how much it would cost to fix a bag before, and she said it would cost roughy $350 for reconditioning, redying and a cleaning. That bag was in very poor condition, however.
  9. Wait.. I have a big question on this.. If I have a white handbag.. can I redye it to other color? Silly me.. thanks.
  10. So if they say do a repair on a strap that has broken, would thye be required to fix it to the way it was before? Or would it be easier to go to a bag repair cobbler type store to repair?