How much would I really save?

  1. Okay gals I have a quick question. I was hopefully planning on getting a White Jumbo Classic Flap in a few months. But I was thinking today at work how much I would save if I ordered it now. Though I would really like to actually hold it before I buy it!! I don't really know what to do...and would I really save that much money if I got it now?? yikes...dunno what to do.
  2. oops i forgot to mention i want it in caviar
  3. If you can get one now-I'd jump on it. I think the price difference is going to be a few hundred, from what I've heard.
  4. I think that if you can afford to buy it now, you would save quite a lot of money. You might really regret it later if you wait.
  5. I'm pretty sure you would save around $400 which is alot and then the according tax with the extra money. I would say that if you can order it now its your best bet!
  6. Wow if I save that much I could buy a pair of sunglasses!:nuts:
  7. I bought a PST and saved 300 dollars so you would probably save quite a bit!
  8. jumbo in classic flap caviar will jump up between 400 to 500 USD, something in the 2200 range. My SA showed me the price chart today, but i am not good at math, so couldn't figure out exactly what % it's going up.