How much would fit in a Caviar Med/large 2.55?

  1. hi :heart: can anyone pls post pics how much would fit in a 2.55 caviar med/large .... i'm getting confused if i should get a small, med/large or jumbo ?

    tia :p
  2. medium does not fit a lot IMO. but then again, I am used to big bags....
  3. i don't know about that size 2.55 but my Jumbo classic flap fits an amazing amount..................i have heard that the classic flap fits more than the 2.55, because it stretches more i guess
    so maybe the classic medium/large would fit more than the 2.55 of the same size??
    i can get as much in my classic jumbo, minus a big sized snack like a turkey drumstick and a pair of flip-flops, as i can get in my GST! i think the only difference is 2" in width
    hope this helps, even if i'm not talking about the exact bag, the similarities are very strong
  4. thanks so much purse-onality and melovepurse :smile: i mean the classic medium/large thats what im planning to get
  5. My medium classic can hold a small brush, checkbook, a long style wallet, lipstick, keys. I find my smaller classic too small for anything but going to dinner type events where I'm not carrying both the checkbook and the wallet -- it's one or the other with the brush. If you carry cell phone and other gizmos, a medium classic isn't going to be large enough.
  6. I think the leathers also play a part here - I noticed that the cavier leathers make entire bag stiffer compared to the lambskin which are more "expandable".
  7. Here you go!

    1) Wallet
    2) Cellphone
    3) Camera
    4) Card Holder
    5) Cigarettes
    6) Car Keys

    This isn't at full capacity but I am so glad I decided to get this bag, it's the best decision I've made all month LOL! :heart::heart::heart:
  8. thanks everyone for your comments :smile:

    runawaydoll - thank you for the pic that helps alot :smile:
  9. runawaydoll, just curious what style no. is yours? 'coz I have a black classic too, but the inside is not a red flap :sad:
  10. I got a small one and I can fit my wallet, my phone and my make up (loose not in the makeup bag).
  11. The inside of my Classic Flap is red. I think it's a feature with the Lambskin Flap.