How much will the nose base/radix drop over time after rhino?

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  1. Hi all, I am looking at a youtuber who had gotten a rhinoplasty with rib implant and it seems like immediately after her rhinoplasty, her radix was quite high but after about 3-4 months, her radix lowered a lot.

    Those who have gotten rhinoplasty before, is this amount of drop normal, or is this a special case? I'm asking because I got a rhino myself 2 months ago and I still feel like the radix is too high so I'm wondering how much change time will bring. Appreciate any comments :smile:

    Attached are 2 pics that I screengrabbed from her videos. One is about a week after her surgery and one is 3-4 months later in an update video. I marked out her eyes cus I don't know what the forum policy on posting pics of other people is but yeah.. it's all public on youtube. The youtuber is CharlotteChinks.

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  2. A few more pics I collected.

    I think my ideal "nose start" is mid eye or just above the lower lash line but my nose starts at about my top eyelashes >< makes me feel kinda avatarish and it makes my nose look too high up cus my lower face is pretty long. Also, my nose before surgery started around my lower lashline so the high-radix really changes my appearance which I'm not too happy about

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  3. Hi Missj93, I came across you thread. Was wondering about your radix? Did it eventually lowered? I had rhino 17days ago and I think my radix is too high i look like avatar from the side and front. Im starting to get worried and think I need to do revision already. I used silicon for the bridge.

    Thank you for replying
  4. Hi I had mine done a couple of months ago and feel like my radix is too high and makes it long big and manlike ? Worried mine won’t drop what’s everyones experience if you don’t me asking?