How much will it cost to replace the zipper?

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  1. The zipper pull on my monogram papillon 26 has become discolored/chipped and I think my bag deserves a nice new shiny one. How much does it cost to replace and can they do it in-store or will it have to be sent somewhere? I should be more careful with my purses, but I'm usually a bit careless with them. I mean, I did buy them to get full use out of them! My papillon has even survived a mosh pit at a concert with me.
  2. HOw long have you had the bag? I was carrying my new Manhattan GM (2 months old) as I went to unbuckle the front left buckle it fell apart in my hand (we were at a casino and the bartender was like...those damn fakes...) SHOCK HORROR...FAKE?? I don't think so!! I laughed at said it was real and was sooooo embarrassed!!! I went to LV the next day and they happilty sent it back for repairs free of charge. As I had no bag I snatched up the Mitzi...:love: I would call LV and just ask them.
  3. I got the bag in Fall '04, so it's not new. Hmm, ok I'll probably just drop in to the store the next time I go downtown.
  4. It probably wont cost that much, I think its only a few hundred to re-leather a speedy, so a zipper problem shouldnt be too bad :biggrin:
  5. yours probably was part of the bad batch. there was a batch of Manhattans that came out first, and they all had the same problem. the newer ones these days don't have that problem anymore. they knew it was a defect, which is why they did it free of charge.

    normally though, they do charge a nominal fee.

    and Jeanna, i would wait a long while before going in to get it replaced. the boutique usually don't recommend replacing it until it's been like.. 5-10 years.. or if it's fallen off. the way your zipper looks is just the nature of the brass coating on it. you could try a brass cleaner/polisher called Brass-O, and shine it right back up instead. :smile:
  6. LV should cover the cost.

    go ask.

    show and tell.
  7. They should cover the cost! I know there is a year warranty on the zipper, brass least that is what my SA told me.

    That's so upsetting...spending so much on a bag for it to have such poor functionning parts!
  8. As much as we pay for bags, we should not have to pay to get something fix. Our bags should have lifetime warranties. If they can't fix it, they should be willing to replace the bag with a new one.

    I give props to Coach for their willingness to fix their products for free and only ask the customer to pay a $20 flat rate for return shipping.
  9. Coach bags are made in China... people earn cents for bags they will sell for hundreds here

  10. Does anyone know how much it cost to replace the entire zipper on a Speedy 35? I am about to purchase a vintage Speedy 35, that looks absolutely great, in every aspect except it has a tear of about half inch on the zipper. It still opens and close but will need to be replaced soon.
  11. I just brought in a bag to have the zipper replaced and it was $100 plus taxes.
    How vintage is your bag? Make sure that the canvas hasn't cracked anywhere, as they will not touch the bag if the canvas has cracked (even if nowhere near the area to be fixed).