Books & Music How much were your textbooks?

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  1. Textbook prices are ridiculous! Post your rants here!
  2. Luckily I had a break this year...I only paid about $338 for my books...The most expensive was $108 but I'm going to see if i can buy it online for cheaper and return it to the bookstore!
  3. Mine were free. I rented all of my textbooks from the library..for free!
  4. ^^^ WOW! I wish they had that here....from the school library or public?
  5. I've paid about $1300 so far this year. :tdown:
  6. Last semester I paid 937.00, this semester my books are around 700.00
  7. Yes, college text books are quite expensive. While in college (late 80's), I remember paying anywhere from $200 - $300 for my text books at the University bookstore. I would end up keeping the text books for my two majors and sell back only the ones for the gen. education courses. Oh, and for the first two years of college, I attended a university that was on the quarter system :Push:
  8. I will spend close to $500 on textbooks this semester. I'm taking a lot of courses to finish, which is why I'm spending more this semester than any other. I always buy used from Amazon or Ebay. It turns out way cheaper that way.
  9. my college sophmore's books were $850 this semester
  10. I'm in my second year of law school and I'm up to $750 and I have another class left to buy. I haven't even purchased hornbooks or supplements yet!
  11. Every semester they are about $300-400.

    I just sold a few of my books back and they gave me like a DOLLAR. :faint:
  12. My husband got his through Amazon and only paid $190 for 3 books (incl shipping and tax)

    Had he bought them from the campus bookstore he would have paid that much for just 2 books
  13. IMO it depends on your major. Math and science books are particularly expensive, and when I was in business school all my books were really expensive too. After I changed my major, the books for my lit and philosophy classes were cheap, because they were classic texts and I could buy them used for <$1 or read them online for free.

    I think the most I ever spent in a semester was ~$500 though :blink:
  14. IT'S CRAZY!! My books and school all together was around $1100...
    We need to protest!!!
  15. if you buy your books from and also sell them there, you get a pretty good price