How much were the MC Mini HL's?

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  1. Also, can I only buy them second hand? I want to make sure i get a good price. i am on the hunt at the mo so it would help if I knew the original rrp. Thanks xxx
  2. The retail price was $515 USD.
  3. they seem to go for about$250+ on eBay
  4. I originally pd $355+ tax when in 2003, but I know the price increased in 2004-2005, HTHS.
  5. Great. Thanks everyone x :biggrin:
  6. I remember that price! Then it went up to about $425 I believe. Sigh, they sure did jack the price up for that little thing!
    I wanted one for quite awhile but my mom convinced me to get something I'd use more. :p
  7. It was a pricey little thing- but then again, I guess it had to close in price to the pochette just like the mono.
  8. Yeah, I thought the same thing!!!! It was exxy for such a small thing! :sweatdrop:
  9. And not only was it pricey but I had the white MC HL which always had issues with the canvas turing pink. I actually exchanged it once in 2005 and had the same problem with the second one which I exchanged for store credit in 2006 and got store credit for the current sale price ($515 w/tax) which I put towards something a bit more practical- my Damier Speedy 25.