How much weight can campeggios take?

  1. I just bought a famiglia campeggio for school, but since the material is so thin on tokidokis, and after hearing stories about brackets popping off and such I'm kinda scared to put too many textbooks in it. Who uses these for school? How much weight can they take?
  2. I don't have a campeggio but my BF has an andiamo and it seems to be able to hold a ton. When we go shopping in SF we put all our purchases in his bag along w/all the essentials. I picked the bag up the other day and I almost dropped it immediately it had to weigh more than 30lbs :cursing: and he carried it around the city like that! :nuts:

    I don't know what you've been reading about rivets popping off but I thought that was only a problem really early on with the first edition of original print :confused1:
  3. plus its rip stop nylon ^__^ if the material could easy rip or tear people wouldnt make parachutes out of them... unless of course they wanted to die :x
  4. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: The bag will never rip unless you slice it with something. At Christmastime I was at the Southampton store and I found the most perfect Olive Cammo Bella bella WEEELLLL it had a giant slice in the bottom. Someone must have sliced it when opening the box :cursing:
  5. The campeggios are very :biguns:. I have a Tan Playground Campeggio and can carry a lot in, hardcover books, another purse, and lots of other items that weigh a good deal and never had any issues and, like TokiliciousJenY said, I think it was just the 1st season Toki bags that had issues with rivets popping. I haven't heard of any issues with 2nd season (Tan Playground & Cammo Playgrounds) & subsequent seasons having the rivet issue. I think you'll be OK.
  6. Yay! Ok thanks a lot guys that makes me feel better about using it for everything :smile:
  7. just dont overstuff or your shoulders will be the thing breaking and not the bag xD
  8. If it can carry 2 gallon of milk, it can carry textbooks!!
  9. u put two gallons of milk in ur bag? wow lol
  10. The cashier didn't double bag the milk and I was afraid the bag's gonna break. :graucho:
  11. that's funny...:roflmfao:
  12. Campeggios are my fav style- I really pack my bag to the brim: full size organizer, full size lotion, brush, external drive, water bottle, make-up bag, wallet and my lunch...
  13. holy crap, I think you just sold me on one. :yes: Now to decide between Campeggio and Cucciolo...
  14. campeggios are my favorite bags!!!
    they carry sooooo much & have soooo many pockets i love it!!!!!
    i use mine as an everyday bag & im sure it weighs around 10-15 pounds
    if i ever go to bridal showers & one of the games they play is
    how heavy is your purse i always win!!
    i have 1 gioco & 1 ciao ciao but i love my campeggios
  15. buy buy! I dont think there really is much of a difference between the two? cucciolo has the mesh pockets, the changing pad and its a little bit wider than the campeggio..:smile:

    campeggio: 13 x 14 x 6 in
    cucciolo: 13 x 16.25 x 6 in

    xkaokaox: :lol:
    pinkpeony: wow 2 gallons of milk? geez thats awesome! definitely can hold txt books! :roflmfao: