How much weight can a PS1 Bag handle?


Aug 27, 2010
Hey all,

I recently bought a large PS1 bag in moss.
And i'm wondering how much stuff can it hold without straining/breaking the delicate strap hardwear.

I usually take with me:

1) 1 litre water bottle
2) Hermes Kelly Wallet
3) iPod
4) an A4 folder w/ sheets or a hardback novel
5) phone
6) umbrella
7) Pencil case (sometimes)

I know this is not too much but i feel like the bag is straining, like the straps are pulled very taunt... Or maybe i'm just paranoid?

Help me out!


Feb 27, 2007
Austin, Texas
I carry more than that in my medium PS1 and it holds up just fine. Also worth noting is that Proenza Schouler stands by their product and I think they would replace the hardware if something were to happen, which I highly doubt.

Just enjoy your bag and don't worry ;)