How much weight can a BBag take?

  1. I carried my new Grenat City to work today and stuffed 2 hardbacks about the size of phone books into it. It got me started thinking about how much weight can my BBag hold before I do some serious damage to it (like ripping the handles). I had been thinking of buying a Work to hold even more books (college textbooks), but now I wonder if I should perhaps go for a cheap canvas tote instead.

    So, how much do you ladies weigh down your BBags?
  2. I wouldnt carry large, heavy things in my bbags. never textbooks. not that they couldnt probably handle it, but because of the possible consequences.
  3. I totally carry heavy stuff in my b bags! I think the fabric lining really carries the weight, and the straps are bolted on tightly. I carry a laptop, bottle of water, and all sorts of stuff in my weekender, and used to in my work when I had one. And I am finicky, don't like dirt on my bags, etc. But i don't think they need to be babied in terms of what you carry in them.
  4. I once used my courier as my carry-on on an airplane, and it fared very well. I took my laptop and regular purse and some magazines; the only thing that got damaged was my shoulder, LOL.
  5. ^^ Did the same thing with my Day, lol. Stuffed it so full of crap I could barely lift it. My shoulder died, but the bag's still fabulous!
  6. Speaking of laptops, do you think the city could hold a laptop and a few magazines, or am I better off going for the work? I thought about the part-time, but I think the laptop would be too big vertically. Let me know what you all have experienced with stuffing your bbags. Thanks!
  7. There's a great thread that has pcis of what people put in:

    If you have a small laptop (less than the size of a sheet of paper), you should be able to fit it into a City. I use my City for work and don't zip the top, and it holds letter sized folders (not legal)... I put tons of crap in it! I like how the City has the shoulder strap for when I'm carrying a lot.
  8. Thanks, tweetie! That's a great thread. Love seeing pics of all the stuff that gets into the different bbags. Very helpful.
  9. surly, for that, i say you should go for the work or even the weekender.:yes:
  10. I was actually wondering the same thing...because ever since I received my sky blue city...I just wanted to baby her and not over stuff her. I was scared that too much weight would tear the leather...but if people are putting laptops in their bbags...I'm sure carrying around my makeup bag shouldn't be a problem.
  11. i think you'd be better off stuffing the bigger bags with super heavy stuff (work, courier, weekender) ;)...i wouldn't use my other styles for notebooks or computers & such, but that's just me :girlsigh:
  12. Do you think, a City could hold a small laptop? 13ish by 9ish
  13. People have said the City is good for laptops because there isn't so much free space for it to slide around. But once the laptop goes in, I think there isn't much more space for anything else more than a couple of magazines.
  14. That would be one stylish laptop bag...
  15. ummm, i stuff my CITY with loads of stuff... i always seem to carry so much stuff with me - i dont know y but i just do! :lol: i've never carried textbooks in my CITY but when i do stuff it with loads of stuff, it fills the shape out of the bag and i just carry it by its handles... i guess it stretches, but im sure b-bags are made well and they can stand anything we throw into them :wlae: