How much we take care of our precious LV's

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  1. Well, I took a day off today and decided to start my day with grocery shopping. I went to the supermarket and did my shopping. On my way out, I found out that it was raining (not even in the weather forecast). I had my Cherry Blossom pink Pouchette :love: with me. I said to myself, "Oh no! I don't want my LV to get wet and get watermarks!" What I did is I took a new grocery bag and put my Pouchette inside so it would be protected from the rain. :girlsigh:

    Have you ever done like this before? Share your stories :biggrin:
  2. I think that's completely reasonable and might do the same. But I try to remember that they are *just* bags and don't go to crazy lengths to protect them. I do worry about the really $$$$ ones but I don't get nuts about it.
  3. A smart and reasonable thing to do to protect that precious bag.
  4. I would do nothing less myself!
  5. I know, I'm just crazy in love with my Cherry Blossom Pochette ;) Sometimes we do crazy things huh?
  6. That's right, I just really take care of all of them :heart:.
  7. Oh absolutely! There is a line I try not to cross, but I definitely think you were way far over on the non-crazy side of it :yes:
  8. Anytime it rains I make a point to cover my bag with anything available. I hate the look of watermarks. In some bag I make a point to keep a shawl that I can use.
  9. I try not to use my expensive bags if its raining too much. My papillon has the older dark straps, not the new vachetta so there will be no rain marks on it. I have no fear of carrying it when there is a drizzle. For my leather bags, I just don't carry them when its pouring outside. I have a beat around bag for those days.
  10. I carry either a drawstring nylon backpack or a plastic bag and the bag's dust bag with me whenever I take my mono papillon 30 out...a bit nutty, but waterspots would bug me to no end. I don't think I'll ever get a bag with vachetta on it again.
  11. i did this recently, but with a non-LV (my marine Linea Pelle Ashley)! i have an Envirosax tote that i use for grocery shopping and i always have it rolled up in whatever purse i have w/ me that day. it was pouring the other day and i didn't want to have a soaked bag so i threw it in my Envirosax! :smile:

    actually, if anyone is looking for a grocery tote, i highly recommend Envirosax totes. i bought a bunch of them for Christmas and gifted them to my friends. they hold about two plastic grocery bags worth of stuff!
  12. I would have done that. Not unreasonable to me at all but hey, I'm a little obsessive. :cool:
  13. LOL! I did this with my speedy when my bf and I were going to a restaurant...It looked like I was carrying a garbage bag to dinner...and the owners were laughing at me even though she understood...we're long time clients of hers so I didn't care how it looked.
  14. you could have just played it off as one of those huge black chanel bags from a year or so ago! :smile: "here is my chanel that keeps my LV safe." i think the NYT called it the $1000 trash bag, or something. always a way around stuff in fashion.

  15. It may look tacky to many, but when it comes down to unexpected downpour, I do shove my LV inside a plastic bag. I learned that from here. It's fast & easy but of course it may look unluxurious but LV is not an "everyday buy" for me. When I travel, it goes inside a Lonchamp pliage.