How much water should you drink a day?

  1. Recently, I've tried to up the amount of water I drink, to a) hydrate during summer and b) eat less :amuse: . I'd originally heard that one should optimally drink 8 glasses of water a day, but talking to friends, I've learned that this has been disputed, and 8 glasses was found to be too much? How much have you heard is the right amount to drink? How much do you actually drink a day?

    I recently started buying 1 Litre bottles of FIJI water, I really like its "non-plasticy" taste! What kind you drink?
  2. Zephryhills water I love it. Figi, Voss,and Panaa I like those too. I drink water sometimes when I fill they need to eat random things. Usually about 32oz.
  3. I've heard 8 glasses as well, and I probably end up drinking a little more than that seeing as I go through 8-10 bottles of Naya water a day. It's either Naya or distilled water for me !
  4. A glass is usually 8 ounces, so I drink close to the "8 glasses" a day recommendation no matter how outdated.
  5. i try to drink two liters a day, which is a little over 8 glasses. i don't know how much i should drink, but i feel good when i drink a lot, so i do. my favorite is Fiji, but it'd cost a fortune to buy enough of it to keep me hyrdrated, so i refill the bottles and always take one to work. when i lose the last bottle, i buy another six pack. they usually last me two or three weeks. as you can tell, i'm horrible about losing water bottles, so it's actually a lot cheaper than buying a nalgene or something, because i'd just leave it somewhere.
  6. I do that too, but I drink a lot of water so I've decided to just buy a liter of Aquafina and refill that during the day. My diet recommends at least 8 glasses or 10 glasses depending on what you eat. However, I am drinking 100 ounces of water per day because I'm determined to flush out any impurities in my body and water keeps me full so I'm able to keep up with my diet. I've never tried Fiji, but I'm quite interested since so many people love it.
  7. Many drugstore and supermarkets sell the 1 gallon containers this time of of them is even called "all the water you need"! Buy the 32oz water bottles or the 16oz plastic cups and guzzle away!
  8. I've heard eight 8oz glasses a day, and I've also heard half your weight in ounces a day (e.g., if you're 140 pounds, then 70oz water). It it's a hot day, then you should drink more than your daily requirement.

    At home, I just use a Brita filter pitcher. At work, we get water from Arrowhead; I have a 32oz Nalgene bottle and I try to drink at least one if not two full bottles during the work day.
  9. I drink at least a litre a day but its not force or anything. I think I'm naturally dehydrated :P
  10. You should replenish and rehydrate constantly throughout the day... I try to drink 8 glasses
  11. I've been really bad w/ that .. but I drink like 6 glasses of 8 oz a day. The minute you feel you need to drink water, you're already dehydrated... that's what my spin teacher says.
  12. I drink about a gallon a day. Loves me some water...
  13. I always bring a liter of water with me to work and try to refill it once. Usually I bring Evian or Aquafina. Now that I see the great Fiji comments I might try that too! :yes:

    I tend to drink a LOT of diet coke which I justify with trying to "flush it out" with all the water drinking too. It's a stretch, I know :P .

    Our bodies are mostly water and we do need to keep ourselves hydrated. I find my need varies depending on what I'm doing or where I am...when I am travelling to a hot/dry climate I need more, plus on the plane too!
  14. I always think it's funny that people set goals for water drinking because I'm alway THIRSTY so I just naturally end up drinking at least 8 glasses a day automatically to quench thirst.

    But I guess if you don't have that sort of built in thirst mechanism, it's a good and healthy practice to make yourself drink the water:smile:
  15. i drink around 8 glasses of water a day...