how much WAS this purse?

  1. [​IMG]

    i've been eyeing this purse for months (ever since i saw it on "the hills") and i checked out the price at chanel one time and, if i remember correctly, it was just over $1,200 or so.. can someone verify this for me?

    i was just wondering what the previous price was because i went to chanel today & they increased the price of this purse to $2125 :sad: .. i think that price is just a bit ridiculous imo.. i don't know if i want to spend that much on just a bag...

  2. It was $1895 before the price increase. Its called the medallion tote. The other tote that's $1250 before price increase is the petite shopping tote. Check the pictures out in the reference library. Check out the price increase thread at Saks, you may still be able to get the old price from them! Otherwise try Bloomingdales, they have a Friends & Family event starting on the 9th Nov, and you can get gift cards equil to 20% of your purchase to be used after the event.
  3. yep it was $1895 but nm isn't increasing their prices for a few more days, so you can still snag it at that price if you hurry!