How much was this bag?

  1. Signature Stripe Tote from last year 10125. I think it is the medium size...
  2. $298 was the retail.
  3. I thought it was $268..... when I had to send mine in to get it fixed they credited me $285 or something like that..... with tax thats what it comes out to
  4. Thats what I thought too.
  5. I believe 10125 is the large one and it's $298.

    I have 10124 and that one was $268.

    Candace,, what happened to your sig stripe that they couldn't repair?
  6. I was looking at one on eBay that is the large size, 11025. It is just a BIN auction and she is asking $270...I think I could get a new one for $268 in the small size...
  7. I had them send me the credit for it, and bought 2 Ali's from the outlet!!!

    lol b/c I found the large size on eBay in the same color and had bought it while I was waiting for the repair
  8. Well, it sold for $240. I think for about the same $$ I would rather buy a new one, they had it at Macy's.