How much was the Speedy 30 before price increase?

  1. How much was the price of a monogram Speedy 30 before the price increase?
  2. $690.00
  3. Depends on the country too
  4. I am in the United States.
  5. $690 was the pre-increase price in the US.
  6. For reference, prices before the increase in US
    Speedy 25- $665
    Speedy 30- $690
    Speedy 35- $715
    Speedy 40- $740
  7. Thank God for the Speedy 30 I was gifted. It looks great, and I do not have to pay the price increase.
  8. Price of th Speedy did not increase that much. In fact it was a very small increase. The 30 is now 730 and the 35 is now 750. Enjoy your gift.
  9. I paid $680 CDN plus taxes for my Damier Ebene Speedy 30 about 3 weeks ago. Not sure what the price is now..........
  10. Anyone know the price of speedy dammer ebene 30 in hamburg germany?
  11. Speedy 30 is now $720 CDN!
  12. ^ @red9ine: Is that before or after taxes? :/
  13. before...after tax is $813.60
  14. gee whiz, i wouldve loved to have a speedy30 before the price increase, but i never had the guts to pay that much then. i very recently paid $838 and change with taxes for mine and i would do it all over again. :smile: