How Much Was The Price Increase On Birkins?

  1. If I get a Birkin I want a size 35cm or 40cm in black togo or clemence (something slouchy) with gold hardware. How much would that be now with the price increase? TIA!!
  2. My SA told me they've gone up 8-10% (here in Europe)
  3. the bolide went up 10% so i imagine it would be the same for the birkin
  4. Last weekend we saw a 40 in Clemence (I think) for around $8,400. Don't remember the exact price but it was something around there.
  5. Yeah..I got an offer for a Birkin 40cm Clemence, Black with Silver Hardware for $8300.00 pre-tax. I didn't take the offer though..I was looking for any color other than black.

    So..I think expect Birkin 35s to be around $7500+ on Clemence/Togo leather type.