How Much Was Mono Stephen?

  1. How Much Was The Mono Stephen. I Have It And I Forget. I Now It Was About $2000 Or So I Think. What Do You Think I Should Sell A Used One For. Am I Allowed To Discuss This On Here If Not Take It Off. Thanks Everybody.
  2. $2070.00 USD w/o tax
  3. Oh Thanks So Much.
  4. These bags will soon be sold out so you should be able to set a price close to the retail as long as its in good condition.

    otherwise if the vachetta is turning or is dirty you will have to take a hit
  5. I Think It Is Pretty Good. I Might Have It Cleaned First Thought So I Get More Money. It Still Has The New Smell. Yemmy
  6. They still have a few of these in stores here and the leopard one too;)
  7. Yup there's one on elux right now :yes:
  8. Just saw it for 2070 the other day. I am seriously thinking of getting one. May I ask why you are selling yours?
  9. I have been seeing a few suddenly instores.
  10. Yeah same here..I posted a new topic about it last night since there was one on elux.
  11. When I was looking at it that other day, there were still a lot left. I thought I really wanted it, but it was to saggy for me. I wish it was more structured.