How much to spend on a used Coach?

  1. Hi, Ladies!

    I recently discovered these boards, thanks to a fellow Coach lover from another message board, and love seeing all of your purchases. I've learned so much from these stickied threads, including that visiting the outlet (an hour away) would definitely be worth my while, which it was.

    My question is this: How much is a reasonable amount to spend on a used Coach on eBay? I found an adorable blue one (thanks to a heads up on the eBay deal thread) that is used and not a current style, but I don't know how much is too much for a used bag. I know that all that matters if you like it or not, but I don't want to be foolish

    Any advice?

  2. it depends on the bag and how used it is. i would assume half of retail is about the most you should pay on a used bag- but it also depends how much you want it, kwim?
  3. and how rare the bag is...

    case in point...the suede wave gallery totes? they retailed for over $400...and they still can sell just as high...
  4. I think it also depends on how limited edition, etc the bag is. If it's in great shape, and you love it, and the price is right, buy it! Don't worry too much about what you 'should' pay if you love it and it's a good deal

    for example, I had the suede wave gallery tote, paid $428 for it, used it about 10 times but kept it perfect, sold it for $488!
  5. haha! just saw dewey posted at the same time I did and mentioned that suede wave tote! too funny!
  6. ^^ omg that is hilarious that we both used the same bag as an example! LOL!
  7. and aren't the white leather dot gallery totes still selling pretty up there?
  8. I saw a BIN on that one (the original one with the multi color dots - not the outlets version with the blue dots on white or the tan ones) for $398
  9. I think the BIN on it is very reasonable, looks like its in great shape, but I'm not a big turquoise girl
  10. Thanks! I thought is looked in nice condition. Like I said, I'm probably just going to save my money for my upcoming trip, but it's good to get an idea of what is reasonable.

    LOL about the turquoise. I'm sure it's not too popular of a color anywhere else, but I'm from New Mexico. Turquoise just doesn't go out of style here. It's my favorite color!

  11. I say save your money for Vegas too! I love it there - go 2 or 3 times a year and love it
  12. I want to go to Vegas!!!
  13. I think that's a gorgeous purse! Good luck! :smile:
  14. Yes. That's a very reasonable price considering that it's an older design and used.