How much to sell for?

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  1. #1 Jan 14, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2009
    I received my first Chanel bag as a birthday present from my boyfriend! Times have been hard and I know this purse can get me a good deal of money to pay down my credit cards.... How much can I sell my purse for? I hope I'm not offending any purse lovers by my question of selling/pricing of my purse.

    I got it in October of '08. It's probably worn once every other week. I'm not trying to sell on this forum, but just looking for a price range.

    Thanks for any help!

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  2. You should sell for $1800 on ebay. It will sell fast that way.
  3. I say that it will have to be under $1000 to get people to consider a used bag in this economy.
  4. I think a lot of people are always look for white in Chanel. I remember the White Cabas craze. Take a lot of close ups to show the use.
  5. and white bags traditionally sell a little better as soon as the sun starts to show signs of turning up!
    If you can afford to wait until March, it may increase the price you can get.
  6. hmmm...
    I was actually interested in a White GST and was tracking a few of them on ebay...
    (eventually took advantage of Sak's egc and now own a black GST)
    it all depends on what other things you can offer along with the purse.
    within a month, a brand new white one with receipt and Tags was sold for $1700.
    A used Champagne gold one was sold for $1600. and a brand new Navy one with receipt and tags was sold for $2000.

    Do you have the receipt, card, dustbag, and box? (or maybe even tags?)

    Hope you do, then you'll do well~!!!

    good luck!
  7. So true! But if you want to sell now, I would do a completed search for your specific bag on *bay and see how much the past couple of auctions have gone for. :smile:
  8. Hmm, I would say $1700-1750 seems reasonable. After you factor into that equation seller fees, etc., I'm not exactly sure how much your profit will be (the GST retails for $2125 pretax, unless that has changed recently)... still, it's a decent amount, especially considering it is used bag. :smile:
  9. Hm, I believe I paid around $2200 for it, right before I was supposed to increase by about $700 in November '08? The saleslady ripped the box so she gave it to me in just the dust bag.

    My boyfriend doesn't want me to see it at all! I might just keep it...

    Can anyone tell me what the current price for this purse is, new?

  10. 2150 usd brand new, so u might be bale to sell it at 1800 usd
  11. Interesting. IDK why I thought it was more than that. Thanks.
  12. The bag is $2350 new. You can sell for about $1700ish. Looks like you didnt post a current picture of it since you have used it about 8 times or so and that pic still has tag attached. The pics say it all. I'd have to see a current pic to really determine though.
  13. I stuck the tag into the little loop as a way to authenticate it. Those pictures were taken yesterday afternoon. I might not be able to upload closer shots until Monday or so.
  14. As part of my downsizing, I have a brand new GST with tags still attached that I have available for approx. $1850.00, so I would think you would be not much higher than the $1700.00 +/-. for a used GST.

    Good luck, if you get more I will raise my price. :idea: :yes: (hehehe)