how much to save?

  1. so i am new to this blog (yay!) and have already been welcomed by so many of you! i was just wondering though...approximately how much money should i save up to buy myself my first new authentic purse? like coach or something..i know it should be more than 100 bucks but i hope it's less than 300...i also know there are some that cost up to 600 but thats for waaaayyy in the future. I am not prepared to spend that much.

    So for my first purse, approximately how much do you think I should spend??
  2. Welcome!!
    Well, I think Coach is a great brand to start out with, that's what I started with. It all depends on the type and style of bag you want and what price you are looking for.
    Try going to to browse different styles. Also, try browsing around as there are many other designers there. Dooney and Bourke would also be in the 100-300 dollar price range. Be sure to buy a bag that you love, not just because it's designer or expensive, kwim? We are here to answer any questions for you about your future purchase! Have fun!!
    Also, this should be in the Handbags and Purses forum.:smile:
  3. I think you should go to the stores, like Coach or other department stores that sell Coach or other brands that you like, and browse around. Look at the price tags and see if you're comfortable with the price. Then you will know!

    Of course, there is always eBay, where you can get pre-loved items. Many people on this board (including myself) buy bags on eBay. Just make sure you have the members here look at the auction pics so we can be sure you're not buying a fake bag!

    Good luck and welcome!
  4. Hey! Welcome! Coach or Dooney is a great place to start, I think as well. I love the different styles and color's that they both offer...find what YOU like! For me, when I see it, I just know!
  5. Check out and see what you like and how much it might cost.
  6. Welcome :smile: Personally I will not spend more than $100-$120. But it's all up to you really.
  7. If you wanna start out with Coach.. I think saving about $275 will get you a nice bag that you can carry everyday.
  8. That sounds about right~ $200-$400 dollars. I would go into a Coach or Dooney store/boutique and check em out for yourself.

    I'm in ALASKA and have access to a very very small quantity of Dooney's at my Gottschalks :amazed:

    so you could only imagine how HAPPY:yahoo: ! I was to walk into Nordstrom's a few weeks ago!

    BTW~ I'm new and hi to everybody! I LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL the pics that I've been seeing!
  9. i am new to tpf, and it's so great to hear that many fellow fashionistas started their purse obsession with coach. they are very nice bags that will last forever. it's pretty cool to see the bags of my high school days are still for sale (legacy line). i sold all but one coach 3 years ago and i made at least $80 for each bag (and some were over ten years old).

    but, i agree with everyone. if you want to invest in a classic leather brand, visit department stores handbag counters and find the one you "can't live without." you know the one you visit, once a week until it's yours!!

    :balloon: mandy
  10. i've spend less than 150$ to get my first designer bags.
    i got a bargain on a vintage LV petit noe on eBay :p
  11. I think that Coach is the perfect starting point. Do you live by an outlet? If so, they are super fun. YOu can walk in and pick out a great bag for under $300.
  12. $150-$300 is still a lot of money... my suggestion would be not to buy because 'designer' purse on sale or that's all I can afford... save until you find one that you MUST have. Who knows, by that time you may have already saved up to $xxx amount! :yes:
  13. we have to go to woodbury to the coach outlet!!!
    :yahoo: :yahoo:
  14. I would defintely recommend that you go to the store and try some bags on to get a feel for what is comfortable on you. It's great to get a new bag because you love the style, but it's amazing to find one you know you could carry forever. This might give you a better starting point as to what brand you'll buy. Let us know when you make your first big purchase! Good luck!