How much to replace the leather on ...

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  1. the different items, does anyone know, is there already a thread like that here?

    I know it's $50 for each handle of the speedy.What about the handles on a batignolles? Does anyone know what the top rim costs to replace on a batignolles?
  2. i would think around $80/each handle. that's the quote i got for my Cabas Piano w/c kinda has the same handle as the Batignolles. hth's :smile:
  3. Is this to be done at LV?
  4. are you sure it's 50$? from what I recall most handles are about 150$
  5. When I inquired about changing the handles on a Speedy, I was told $60 for each handle... :s
  6. I called to replace the handles on a babylon and it was $100.
  7. Ok, i'm not sure about handles, but replacing the entire vachetta would be half the price of the bag. Like if it was a speedy 25 $595 it would be around $300, but it looks spanking new. I asked an SA when I went to an LV because of my cerise speedy, but I was like yikes that'd be like $500 =/
  8. Certain LE bags it would be worth doing but everyday, always in stock items, I would be tempted to give the old one away & replace with a new one.