How much to declare for customs on I ordered a paddy from them and

  1. Diabro is asking how much value I would like to delcare for customs. I have no idea what to say. Can I say something like $20 to avoid paying high fees?
  2. i wouldn't put it *that* low. i read somewhere on here the 750$ was the max but don't count me on that. i would put at least 200$ to avoid suspition.
  3. aside from it being illegal (which in and of itself may not be enough of a reason to not declare a low value) the only other problem i can think of is that if for some reason the package is lost, you may be limited by the amount you declared. so if you declare $20 and it's lost by the shipping company, you may only be able to recover $20. there's probably only a really small chance of this happening, but it's something to consider.

    and, of course, it's illegal. you probably won't get caught, but if you do you're facing a serious federal charge.

    with that being said i would probably declare a really low value and take my chances.
  4. This is just my opinion; but when I ordered a paddy from them I asked them to declare full value.

    My reasoning was that if I am willing to pay the money for a bag I want to make sure that if something happens I am covered.
  5. ^^ I definitely agree with Loganz.
  6. Oh, this is something I have been wondering about. Isn't it the responsiblity of the seller to put the value on it? I was wondering, why would the buyer be doing anything wrong, if it is the seller that determines the value of what he's selling? It seems to me that the seller here is just asking the buyer, to avoid the responsibility, but the responsiblity is really the seller's anyway. If you said, $50, $100, or $300 and it was questioned, it would be the seller they would hold responsible, no? I wish someone on PF would clarify this just for the info. Any lawyers out there? The buyer would have to pay the duty, but would they have actually done anything wrong? They are not making the declaration, the seller is...
  7. Totally agree - declare the full value, or at the very least, as close to it as possible. That way you're covered *should* it go missing.

    You wouldn't want it to be under-valued because you'd lose a lot of money, and you could get in to trouble for trying to avoid customs charges - as you are responsible for any customs fees incurred in your country, not Diabro:yes:

    It is, of course, the sellers responsibility to actually write the amount on the customs form, but you, as the recipient, also play a large part.

    It's always good to get in to the habit of agreeing with your seller beforehand, what the declaration on the customs form will be, because if the item does go missing, who loses out?

    You, the recipient.
    Get properly covered!;)
  8. i'm not a lawyer yet (give me another year...) but I really doubt that the seller is the only one who's liable. By asking the seller to do so, the buyer is causing the seller to declare a lower value than what it really is, and that makes the buyer just as guilty as the seller. You'd both be charged with tax evasion and conspiracy to commit tax evasion, and the penalty wouldn't be just having to pay the customs - there might be some fine on top of it, or even jailtime. I'm not saying this to scare anyone, there's literally a 1 in a million chance that you'd get caught, but if you did it would be bad news.

    if you want to do this, your best bet is to call them and tell them what you want them to declare. That way there's no paper trail. By e-mailing them you're implicating yourself.

    This is a very serious post for this forum...
  9. I've ordered a Baby Paddy muscade 8 days ago from Diabro, but the bag is not yet here!!:hysteric:
    I'm controlling night and day japanese post and is stopped since Feb 22 (" Dispatch from outward office of exchange").
    The value declared is 200$...I'm very worried and scared because if the package is lost and I've saved money for months to purchese it..!!!Is my first Paddington (the bag of my dreams), is my first on line experience!! I was very I want to cry:crybaby:..I dont' want to loose my money..and I want my bag!!!!!:crybaby:
  10. I would put a much higher value, but just slightly below the customs value. Our value in australia is $1000, so I always declare the bags at $750 - $900. I have purchased three bags from Diabro now, and they have been fab.

    The higher value also does help with insurance.

    Its not worth the risk of declaring such a low value. What if the bag is inspected by customs? surely they will know you are trying to defraud them?