How much time do your pets spend outside?

  1. After my baby got catnapped, I make sure I keep an eye on her when she is outside. I like to make sure she has a few hours each day to play and run around. I typically give her 2-3 hrs a day to run around outside. Today, she got to play for 4 hrs. I wonder if maybe this is not enough time for her to enjoy the outdoors. On weekends, or days where I don't have to be anywhere, I allow her to go outside usually for 5 or more hours, depending on if I have the time to keep an eye on her.

    How long do your pets get to play around outside?
    BTW- my baby is a 5 month old kitten. :heart:
  2. I have 8 cats and they are pretty much 100% indoor kitties. We live out in the country where people let their dogs roam free and I am just too worried something might happen. One day shortly after we moved in 2 of my kitties ended up stuck in trees after the neighborhood dog pack came by! We're in the process of building a new deck and are adding a large screened-in porch so that will have to be outdoors-y enough I'm afraid.

    Cats do not "need" to "run around" outside. This is a common misconception based on the more idependent nature of cats vs. dogs. The average life span of an outdoor cat is less than 7 years. I want my babies with me much longer than that! I know you think you are "keeping an eye on" your cat but the reality is, you can't watch them every minute. My dearly departed Fat Kitty got killed by a dog in my back yard while I was at home and thinking I was "watching out" for her. I hope nothing happens to your kitty, you will never forgive yourself.
  3. Yep! :yes: Cats may like to go outdoors, but they are much better off indoors. You never know when one of the neighbors might put out some poison on the lawn, or have an anti-freeze leak, let alone the fact that there are sickos that like to hurt animals, and cats can and do get hit by cars. A screened in porch or a fully closed pen will do if you really feel the cat needs some fresh air. After a while, most cats lose the urge to go outside, and even become fearful if you try to take them there.

    Your cat already got catnapped once? I really wonder why you even consider letting her outside after that?
  4. She really loves going outside. When she's inside she looks very depressed and will stand by the sliding glass door for hours, looking outside. I live in a very small apartment since I am still a student, and it's just not enough room for her to run around. If I had a house, I might not feel so bad about keeping her in because she would have more room to run around, but keeping her couped up inside a dinky apartment seems like animal abuse. I make sure that I know exactly where she is at all times if she is outside.
  5. And how do you know exactly where she is at all times when she is outside? Does she have A GPS device on her collar or something? Do you follow her around? It is not animal abuse to keep her inside. Doesn't she have toys to play with? What about a kitty jungle gym? Really, I'm not trying to be mean, but you are asking for trouble letting her out. Are you in a urban area? When I was in college I had a kitten that I used to let run around outside and he got hit by a car. He only sustained a broken leg but it could've been much worse. It only takes an instant for something irreversible to happen.
  6. My dog likes to go outside but she doesn't get to much. My backyard is not fenced well enough for me to feel safe with her back there. she's pad trained so I don't walk her much. She does like to go to my parents' house and go in their yard though.
  7. I understand where you're coming from. I felt awful when she went missing for twelve hours. I cried all night until she came home. I make sure that when she is outside I watch her. I will take my work outside with me and keep an eye on her. My apartment complex is kind of like a rectangle, and all the apartments face inside, so where she plays is safe and away from cars, since it is enclosed. She doesn't go further than 2 apartments down from where she lives. She does like to climb the trees, but since I am supervising her, it is safe.
  8. I can tell you love your baby very much! I sincerely hope that she is able to enjoy outdoor privileges safely for as long as you live in your apartment. Please believe that I would never ever wish for harm to come to any animal and I am not trying to be negative or to chastise you--I'm just saying, be careful!! Does she have a collar with ID? Also, maybe a bell so you can hear her even if you can't see her?
  9. Also, I assume she's up-to-date on all her shots, and if not spayed all ready, you are planning to get her spayed as soon as she is old enough?
  10. We have a cat but we don't let her outside. She's been outside several times by sneaking out the door when we have it open but she hasn't ventured very far..she is a little scared I think.
    I try to open lots of windows for her so she can see out and hear the sounds. She loves sleeping in the sun too!
  11. We don't let our cat out either - she has walked out when we are trying to "wrangle" our dogs inside, it is always scary for me to see her outside - but, she doesn't go far and is usually nibbling on stalks of grass. :p
  12. Yes, she has a collar with a little bell and ID, and she is spayed. :yes:
  13. Neither of my dogs goes outside unless I am out there to keep an eye on them. Not only could they get loose, but there are plenty of other animals that get loose that could come into our yard and hurt them. There are a lot of loose cats in our neighborhood, and they like to hang around in my yard around my bird feeder, which :cursing: me. Keep your cat indoors where it is safe.
  14. I think 5 mos old is way too young to let a kitten go outside.

    When we first had cats almost 20 years ago, they were strays and barncat kittens we adopted. They were raised outdoors and we lived on quite a bit of property, and we thought it was ok. Once they came to us, we kept them inside for the first year, and then we'd have supervision outside and eventually they'd just meow at the door to go out and jump up to a window and meow when they wanted to come in.

    Well, as the years went on, I started to get more concerned about this... however, they were just in such a habit of going outside it almost seemed painful to keep them in. We recently moved and now the houses are closer together... more people = more traffic. The yard is fenced in but I won't let anyone except my 18 yr old arthritic cat outside anymore, she likes to sit in the sun when we're outside. From this house they'll move to my condo where they definitely won't be going out! They've adjusted quite well to the change, and we were very worried about the adjustment process.
  15. both my dog and my cat have access to our enclosed backyard all day long when we are at home. my cat enjoys snoozing on the lounge chair most of the day and the dog will join her for a short while. but the majority of the time they prefer to stay inside with us.