How much time do you spend on the LV forum (on average) per day?

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How many hours a day do you spend on the tPF LV forum?

  1. A few minutes

  2. ~ 1 hour

  3. 2-3 hours

  4. 3-5 hours

  5. 5+ hours!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Ok...I would classify myself as a total computer nerd...but ever since I've gotten into LV (and found this forum!) I stopped looking at clothes online, I stopped looking a jewelry online, I've stopped playing games, updating my personal webpage, doing random's either typing away on the LV forum here or going on eBay!

    So, my question is, approximately how much time a day to you spend talking about LV here?
  2. an hour tops, before i go to bed, or if im bored..
  3. I voted 5+....EASILY!!!!!! LOL, yep I used to (keyword: used) play online games alot. Or just surf...

    I'm afraid to calculate exactly how many hrs. it is....:shame: LOL!!

    It's all about tPF, and cking out Elux, and!! LOL!!!:P
  4. Yea, me too. 5 or usually more hours a day. That's pretty bad, huh?
  5. hmm I guess 2-3. At work I'm off and on and maybe when I come home on for a while. Idk, I'm afraid to count too, maybe should've picked 3-5!
  6. haha i picked 2-3 too but im afraid its getting nearer to 3-5 haha ever since i found this its all about tpf, elux, and ebay ! :P
  7. I would estimate 2 or 3 hours a day...YIKES!!

    You are all just so addicting!! LOL
  8. On and off all day, depending what i have going on. I'm always logged in as my pc stays on all the time.
  9. Same as Bag Fetish, for me. It's always on so I just check it when I check my mail.
    That said, I spend more time here on the LV forum than anywhere else :graucho:
  10. me hooked too...tpf is so addictive and everyone has such great handbags and tastes I am so drawn in...need therapy I
  11. as soon as i get out of bed in the morning i turn on the computer, check my email, and log on to this forum. i leave the browser all day, and even when i've been doing other things, i'll come back to this browser and refresh the page to see what i've missed!
  12. hmm...2-3 hrs? even if i'm doing other things on the computer, I always have a window open for the LV forum. I have to admit when I first signed up in Sept, I was on ALLLLL NIGHT going through every page of visual aids and speedy gonzales club. I went to bed at 8 am with jitters! My husband thought I was crazy! But the truth was he's the one that found the site for me and signed me up! Talk about an enabler!!! lol
  13. OMG, it's so bad! I check out the PF first thing in the am at work...I get there at 8 and I'm by myself until 9:00 so I'm in and out during that time. Then I try to stay off while I'm working but I do take that occasional peek to see what I'm missing. I get home about 6:00 after doing errands, so first, check my email, and then I'm in the PF off an on while cooking/watching my shows, etc. I refresh the page to see what's new. I'll end up finally signing off at 11:00 sometimes midnight...I get carried away!! I would say in TOTAL I spend about 3 hours a day on the forum if you don't count the breaks I take in between. I feel like I know you all, so I'm always wondering what's new with my fellow PF'ers??!!:yes: :shame:
  14. On average... 4 hours. :P
  15. To be honest, I don't know. When I'm not working, i'm off and on throughout the day, but when I am totally busy--as I have been for the last three months--I'm not on for days at a time. I'm on vacation now, so I'm on more frequently.