How much time do YOU spend in the Tano forums?

How much time do you spend with Tano?

  • I'm on here all the time - I have no life!!

  • I'm only on when I can get on .. and that's just not enough time~

  • Tano .. .what's Tano?

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Live, Love, Laugh
Sep 22, 2007
Deep in the heart of TX~
Just curious - I feel like I'm in here constantly -

At work, since I don't always have customers and/or work to do - I sit around and browse the forums (mainly Tano) -

When I get home - I usually sit in the living room and again browse the forums while dinner is cooking and get on again after - that's as long as I don't watch a show with one of the kids or DH.

I wonder if I'm the only one that is constantly on here - I mean, I know I'm not - because I see you all posting .... but sheesh - I'm beginning to feel like I don't have a life!

My life is very routine (I love it that way).

So how bout it ... how much time do you all really spend on the Tano forums and/or browsing the web "researching" Tano bags/wallets?!


Live. Laugh. Love.
Nov 15, 2007
I voted "all the time" - and it seems that would be accurate as I am responding almost immediately to your poll, LOL!! But really it's somewhere between that and "whenever I get the time." I get on in the morning when I wake up, before my shower - it's "my time" before hubby and my son are awake. I'm usually on throughout the day at work as I have the world's most boring job, and then I'm on in the evenings after my son goes to bed. I spend more time with all of you than with my husband. :rolleyes:


Jul 1, 2008
I feel like I'm checking this forum constantly. Especially in the morning with my coffee. There's something about caffeine and handbags that just gets me moving in the morning.


Broccoli, yum!
May 1, 2008
Grunge and Starbucks
I'm certainly logged on all day. I check in once in awhile, between practice/ teaching sets, and definitely after dinner while my hubby's playing vid games. I'm on the Tano, RM, and Bal forums, my three fave designers!

ITA, avp!


Jun 18, 2008
east coast
I'm on here a fair amount... I usually get on around lunch time for a while and then later on in the day in the evenings. Whenever the urge to read about Tanos moves me ;)


The K Is Silent
Apr 23, 2007
Boringsville, USA
A LOT of time on TPF period. I check in the morning when I first get to work and again at lunch. If I have breaks I check in. When I got home, I work out. And after I shower there's nothing better than snuggling in bed with my dinner, Law & Order, and my laptop (TPF!). I check in a couple times in the evening depending on what else I'm doing and then right before I go to bed. :shame:


Purse crazed
Feb 23, 2008
Northern California/Central Valley
I'm on periodically. I pop in and out at work (I log onto the forum and collapse the screen down and sneak when I can). I wind down when I come home from work (this is usually about 8pm) and log on and check out anything I might have missed during the day, along with checking the stock market and emails. A few people have seen me on the purse forum (the big "Purse forum Shallow Obsessing strongly encouraged" logo with the butterflies makes it hard to be incognito), some just shrug, others ask what it is. One guy I work with said "Hell, there's a forum for everything nowadays."


Jul 30, 2007
I'm a hit and run tPFer. I check every morning, early, but some afternoons I check and in and sometimes I don't. Never in the evening. Every once in a while, I go on tPF binge and can be on Tano forums several times a day catching up on topics. :tender:


Jul 11, 2007
Jack Rabbit Slim's
I do that also! One of my co-workers once said, "You don't have to hide what you are doing! If it's porn ... I won't tell." :wtf: Like seriously ... I would look at porn in my OFFICE!

I guess ... in a way .. it's purse porn?

Gee. I think my response to that would have been a casual laugh and wave of the hand followed by, "No, actually, I'm looking on Google Maps for the most remote location to hide the body."