How much time a day do you spend on housework/cooking?

  1. I'm a stay at home mom, so I'm sure I spend more than the average, but I'm curious. I do a little chore, hop on the computer to see what's new... play wiht my son, hop on for a minute while he's entertained, and then do something else.

    My house is NOT immaculate and always in different phases of 'dirty'. Like now my bathrooms are getting icky, but the living room and kitchen are clean. My laundry is up to date and put away, but the dusting is behind... and so on.

    With EVERYTHING from getting lunches made and breakfast ready and dishes and meals and picking up after people and such, I probably spend about 4 hours a day cleaning or cooking. The rest of the time (I'm awake about 17-18 hours a day) I'm dealing with kids - piano, Tae Kwon Do, Trumpet and homework with my older son, and drawing, and building blocks and tickling with my youngest one... and then I probably spend about 3 hours total on the computer mostly the early part of the day.(with rarely coming on after my older one comes home from school).

    So, how about you?
  2. Sounds like you have the same routine as me. I'm better off doing something everyday then just spending one whole day (like others) and clean from top to bottom. I did have a routine a while back where I actually had a list of things to do each day so at the end of the week the whole house had been gone through. The following week I did it again even though some things were still pretty clean. That didn't last though, lol. Just like you some rooms are clean and others so-so. I spend about the same amount of time as you too but I do work f/t. I think playing w/kids are more important than housework. The housework will always be there, as long as the house isn't at the point of being disgusting!
  3. ^I so agree!^

    Our house is never perfect, but that's OK with us. It just needs to be floors clean because of the toddler especially and dishes up to date and such. It does NOT need to look like a show room. We LIVE in this house and there's someone, two someones, in it every day - almost all day. if the blocks sit out most of the day? So what? The reason I am staying home is to spend time with the KIDS, not to have an extraordinary home.

    I'll be going back to work in about a year and I do dread it because it will be TIGHT since DH is gone 12 hours a day. Now, I can do things and never feel like my life is a rush, but I know once I'm working and dealing with kid stuff AND taking care of a home, it will be overwhelming (I've don't that before.)... DH says we'll hire a housekeeper, but I don't see that as much help, honestly. I would need someone DAILY to come and do the dishes and laundry for me to make me FEEL the benefit of a clearnign service.
  4. SO cooks and cleans. So, maybe 20 minutes a day doing random chores. It's just the 2 of us in an apartment, so there's not much to do.
  5. oh of course, it's too much work to try to put everything off for one day. i am also a SAHM and do bits at a time. and the little one is 2 so he really can't he's only good for putting his toys up and once in a while, he helps me take the clothes out of th dryer.. as or cooking, i give that about 1 hour a day. i cook a lot so i can have leftovers for him and myself to munch on the next day. today though is an easy day. i put stuff in the crock pot
  6. 20 mins! I only do the dishes.

    Weekends all day, doing laundry.
  7. I spend at least 45 min getting dinner prepared, after that just stick it in the oven, after dinner I clean up the whole kitchen. usually leave the cleaning for sunday or friday afternoon. I have no kids so it's ok for now, but those damn cats sure make a mess with there food area!
  8. As little as

    Actually, probably about an hour a day on daily picking up, making beds, laundy etc.

    I do enjoy cooking, so I cook and bake alot..even hot breakfast for the kids, luches etc...probably about an hour a day.

    Also, for almost a year, I have been trying to orginize the house more...throwing out old stuff, donating, probably about 2-3 hours a week on that that.

    But, I do have a house keeper that comes in on Tuesdays and Thursdays and does the dusting, vacuuming, bathrooms, sheets, etc.
  9. Ok, here was my day yesterday.
    Up at 5:30 a.m. at the office by 7:15 a.m.

    Work until 1 p.m. Lunch break.
    Go to grocery store on lunch hour - get everything needed.
    Pick up dry cleaning.
    Back to office by 2.

    Leave office at 4:30 and arrive home at 5.

    Unload and put away groceries, throw washed clothes in dryer and start another load. Clean pellet stove, drag in 40# bag of pellets, refill, and start fire. Run vacuum in living room/kitchen, take dog out, feed pets (Kids left the nest but left their pets), Fold clothes from dryer - add clothes from washer.
    Gather up all garbage/newspapers and take out to curb.
    Cat just vomited - clean that up.
    Empty dishwasher and figure out what to make for dinner.
    Make dinner.
    Dog needs to go out again of course while cooking something I can't leave.
    Set table.
    Finish that laundry and put clothes away.
    Wait for DH to arrive - eat dinner.
    Clean up dishes etc
    OK it's after 9 now and now I can sit down.

    Is this normal??
  10. Well, if it took you 4 hours to do the things you listed, then I think that's a tad long and if you did that EVERY day, it's too much, but then, I'm not a glorious housekeeper. I would Go INSANE trying to keep on top of everyone. I just cleaned the toilets a bit ago and it pisses me off that I'm the ONLY one who can't pee on the floor and toilet back, yet I'm the one who gets to clean it! LOL I was NOT happy when we moved to this area and every home had a gazillion bathrooms - great! More pee to clean up! LOL
  11. probably 30 minutes tops. Except on weekends when I clean the entire house and do laundry. Weekdays its dishes and cooking...and i'm not a big cook.
  12. im a SAHM mum too. I have a cleaning lady coming in on a Wednesday just for 3 hours, and its such a great help. She does the ironing (my second worst chore), washes the floors through (my least fave job) and generally dusts and hoovers.

    I can keep up to date with everything else then all week, I have wood flooring downstairs so its fairly low maintenance, but with pets, I like the floors to be clean the entire time. The little luxury of a little bit of help really helps me to cope easily with it the rest of the time :smile:

    Some days, I find there is nothing to do, others its like, wow where do you start, but thats normal family life lol! I wouldnt want it any other way ;)
  13. I know I probably do a lot less than many posters, but it just seems as if I'm always doing housework. On average, I spend two or three hours a day on cooking and housework. Some days I have very little to do because of heavy workloads or a hectic day (I work outside the home, of course) and other days it seems like I'm trying to do everything around the house at one time. So some days I may spend as little as an hour because I may not cook, the BF might cook, we might order in, etc., and all I have to do is little chores, like vacuuming and so forth. Other days I may spend three hours cooking and cleaning up the kitchen, another two hours on laundry, another hour tidying up, etc. On the weekends I may do comparatively just all depends. I shudder to think what would happen if I had kids to care for. I spend a LOT of time outside of working outside the home on paperwork for my various jobs, so that takes a bit of time, too. If I had children I'd probably NEVER have any time for myself, which seems like my idea of sheer hell! BF has a child, but neither of us clean his room, wash his clothes, or clean up after him in any capacity, although I do cook for all of us. BF and his son do all of the yardwork. Occasionally BF will cook dinner, but since he works hard to support all of us and never asks me to pay for anything around the house, I don't like the idea of him having to do housework. He should be able to come home and sit around if that's what he wants to do. Now, we all do our own laundry, although I wash towels, sheets, blankets, etc. for the house. BF is always afraid I'm gonna "mess up" his laundry, but occasionally I'll surprise him and wash all his pants and shirts and hang them up. He does the ironing for the two of us 90% of the time, as my dad did the ironing when I was growing up and I never really learned how to. Oh, and since we have two house dogs, I spend an awful lot of time cleaning up after their sorry, yet somehow cute, stinky, and adorable asses. But usually it's minimal work; picking up their toys, vacuuming up after them, picking up their spilled dry food, washing their pillows and blankets, etc. Still, though, it seems as if there is ALWAYS something that needs to get done. Sometimes I'm more neglectful than I should be. I'll get better at that, however. I know that I need to do more housework on the weekends, but for some reason when the weekends come I just want to relax...
  14. my DH would say not nearly enough...but he's not here now IS he...:devil:

    Joan Rivers said that she hated housework: you make the bed and three months later you have to make it again!:lol:
  15. Um...yeaaaaa....not NEARLY as much as I should. Not anywhere near what I should.