How much thinner can she get?

  1. According to, the photo agency who took these photos of Nicole verify they are not photoshopped. She is that skinny. These pics are frightening.:sad: :sad:
    nicole1.JPG nicole2.JPG nicole3.JPG
  2. I dunno... I think she actually looks kind of good. :biggrin:

    (Granted, I live in L.A., so I probably have a skewed view on things like this. It's so hard to stay objective w/ all these skinny girls (and guys!) around)
  3. Well, she still does look beautiful and very fashionable. But her legs and arms look so thin to me. Maybe it's just me but I swear she's skinnier everytime I see her.:s
  4. She looks like a walking skeleton! :wtf: ....I think MY skeletal frame is fatter than her. I do admit though, she does look good, except for her body....toothpick legs.:yucky:
  5. I think she looks Amazing to be honest!
    I personally think people make to much of an issue over her weight, its not like she looks ill in her face, she is forever looking healthy and happy. And there are always pics of her out and about eating?
    Ok so she is skinnier than most people but so what, she looks fabulous!
    Give her a break.
  6. she definitely looks better with clothes on.
  7. I was thinking the same thing--my bones are larger than she is with clothing on! Sad and scary for her health. :sad:
  8. While she doesn't look as cracked out as she has, thank god her hair is looking much prettier than that mullet she was sporting, she is rail thin. Make-up can hide alot, and give her a healthy glow when she doesn't actually have one. I wonder if she's stopped menstrating yet and if she has little hairs all over her face.
  9. i'm almost as skinny as her and i ate A LOT!
    maybe some people just have the genes? was she fat before as a child or before?
  10. she is definitely TOO THIN. whoever makes pants that TINY has problems with their image of healthy women. yikes!
  11. I am afraid for her, it reminds me of Karen Carpenter (for those of you who are old enough to remember). She went to bed one night and passed away of heart failure due to anorexia.
  12. i think she looks great, but i don't think it would hurt her to gain about 5 lbs.

  13. I agree
  14. Her hair looks good. That's about it.
  15. Gosh I don't know what she is doing, on Tyra she said she eats all the time. But then she said when she is stressed out she loses weight.