How Much the Average Woman Spends on Handbags Per Year and How Many She Owns (Stats)

  1. I'm wondering what crazy man did these stat. I don't think many women that spend $45 to $60 dollars on a handbag! Unless the catch the sale of the century. AND Why didn't any one call me for that sale? :shrugs:
  2. Hmmm. Obviously those stats don't include us tPF folks. LOL.
  3. I wish my sales tax were so little...
  4. No way! I think all those women lied on the questionaire. :p
  5. One of the first bags that I purchased after moving to US was Kenneth Cole Reaction. I got it from Marshalls for $25 plus tax. It was small but made from leather. I've used it for many years and still occasionally use it when I travel and don't want to attract attention. I should probably get rid of it but it has certain sentimental value to me at this point.

    It took me a while to move past $100 point. I had expensive footwear but not purses, it just was not my thing. And it's not like I could not afford them. I was just blissfully ignorant, I guess. I spent tons of money of travel, dining out and shows.

    My first expensive purse was small Gucci bag that I bought for myself for my birthday since DH forgot to give me anything :sad: and I was going to make it right :graucho:. I did not acquire any bags until I discovered tPF. And now I have two BVs, which both were over $1K, and a few Goldenbleu bags.

    My MIL loves purses but with the exception of Botkier that I gifted her keeps her bags relatively cheap. Mostly Liz Claiborn and such. She also can afford to spend more on a purse but does not see the need.

    So, yes, while I find these statistics surprising I believe them. Same as when I found out income for an average family in US.
  6. Of which 50% frequent a forum on the internet about purses! LOL
  7. I have about 5 or 6 bags in my collection that fit that price range. They were bought on sale though, and most are pleather or fabric, or second-owner. They're great for park days with the little kids when I shudder to imagine getting sap on one of my good bags.

    I would find it interesting to do the same statistics polling tPFers also. I imagine we would so skew the charts, but purse fanatics (like me for sure) can do that.
  8. $45 for a bag? My husband should be so lucky.
  9. I am pretty sure tPFers would be 'outliers' both in terms of average price per bag paid and number of bags owned. It's a self-selection process, the more you like bags, the more information you seek. And vice-versa - the more you are educated about purses and what's available, the more likely you are to own an expensive purse.

    Also, I don't think tPF population would be representative of female population in US.