how much stuff hangs off your D-ring?

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  1. Inside my speedy I have a pochette that serves as a cosmetic bag and I'm thinking of moving my cles inside because it's vernis, and I'm getting a little paranoid. Which made me wonder: how much stuff do people keep on on that tiny little ring? :upsidedown:
  2. i don't think any of my bags have d rings =(
  3. Nothing! I have d-rings in both my bags, but no cles or anything to hang there!
  4. my pochette and my cles if im not using it as an accessory. i used to hang my keys on it before i got an amarante key holder.
  5. nothing really unless I'm using my mono petit bucket, then the cosmetic pouch that it came with is attached ... but I have not used that one in a while ... hmmm
  6. Nothing. I never use the D-ring.
  7. Nothing, because I don't use the D-ring
  8. I only use the "D" ring when I have a mini pochette, or when I use my Horizontal Lockit, and hand my keys from a bungee cord (big bag)...
    It's really not made to be put under alot of stress....
  9. Nothing!
    In my mini lin the lock is hanging from it and thats it.Otherwise I dont use it.
  10. Sometimes I will attach the mini pochette or the mini papillon but otherwise nothing.
  11. Nothing. :p
  12. I usually have my pochette hanging out in the BV or the BH.. I rarely bother in the PH.
  13. I use my little LV key holder (the one for $150) forgot the name! I usually keep some money in it for when I need a quick couple bucks!
  14. I hang my cles off of it all the time, that is all.
  15. nothing, I dont use it.