How much stuff can you cram into your Speedy 25?

  1. Hey ladies, I am getting an Epi Speedy 25 on Saturday and I was wondering how much stuff you can fit into your Speedy 25s. I usually only need to put my wallet, a small make-up bag, and sometimes a bottle of water in my bags. Thanks in advance!
  2. well the epi speedy 25 is a tad bigger then the other speedy 25's.

    on any given day I have pti wallet, agenda, slimfast, cell phone, cles, gloves, makeup case, card case in my bag.

    I've also had the gameboy, b/f's keys, cell and wallet in there too,.
  3. My Epi speedy 25 and Damier speedy 25 are the same size. I currently have:
    Mini Koala agenda
    Mono make-up pouch
    Red Yen holder
    Mono Porte Tresor wallet
    Cell phone
    2 pill bottles
    Coach pill organizer
    and I can also fit my Digital camera as well with all this other stuff in it;)
  4. double post~ don't know why?
  5. Epi speedy 25 fits everything I need. Agenda, cellphone (quite big), glowes, epi cles, burberry pouch with my little things like lipgloss, powder etc.
  6. Didn't know the epi was a little bigger than the mono 25. My mono fits a ton. It's not a "big" bag but it's much roomier inside than it looks.
  7. Wow, A LOT!

    Wallet with Zip
    Credit Card Holder
    Make up Bag
    Canon Digi Cam
    Coach Pill Case
    Razr Phone
    My daughter's toy cell phone (she's 11 months)
    My daughter's Robeez Shoes
    My daughter's sweater

    I was surprised at how much the little bag can hold!!!
  8. i posted this on another thread, but here's what i carry on any given day in all my Speedy 25s with the medium Purseket:


  9. In my 25, I carry a monogram porte tresor international wallet, mono small ring agenda, mono cosmetique case, ipod nano, cell phone, paperback, coach cosmetic bad (red - soft leather, fairly large) and sometimes a small water bottle. LOTS - about the same as I carry in my Speedy 30.
  10. It fits A LOT!! I can fit 2 stuffed makeupbags, contact case, a bottle of water, a pair of wedges (size 6), digital camera, wallet, cles, a scarf, and a very very very thin light sweater. Oh, and a set of keys as well as a pack of tissue.
  11. A lOT! (obviously!)
    congrats on your soon to be purchase!
    careful with the water bottle, maybe get a small nalgene to use specifically in your bag instead of just any ol bottle. they don't break or leak!
  12. here's what's inside mine. sometimes, there are a few more things, but this is what's in there on a day-to-day basis... (only thing missing is my mobile, which i was using talking on when i took the pic.)
    inside mono 25-1.JPG
  13. Can it fit a hardcover book?
  14. depends on the size of your book, but knowing that hardcover books are pretty big, i'm more inclined toward saying no. Also if it does fit, you'd need to put it in vertically
  15. It fits alot!!! But if you got too much stuff in there, it's hard to dig for it.