How much stuff can a twiggy hold???

  1. Question for you ladies with twiggys...

    I would really like to get a bag in the Twiggy style but am concerned with the size...except for the depth it's almost the same size as a first which is just too small for how much stuff can you actually carry in it? :shrugs:

  2. I can fit a TON of stuff in my's the perfect size for me. I have a small wallet, a change purse, a day planner, cell phone, lipgloss, keys, small notebook, and a water bottle in mine. I absolutely adore the twiggy! Hope this helps!
  3. I put this in my twiggy....

    large wallet
    cell phone
    palm PDA
    makeup case
    photo book
    hand lotion
    eye glass case
    bottle of water
    small book

    and I still had room left over!!! They are bigger than they look in pictures.
  4. Unless you're planning to carry folders or something tall like that, a Twiggy can hold almost everything that a City can. They are super roomy!
  5. i love the twiggy. it fits tons! i carry the same stuff in my twiggy as i do in the city & day. i don't carry a whole lot, so i love the slouchiness of the twiggy.

    checkbook wallet
    coin purse
    small makeup case
    eyeglass case
    (sunglasses case)
    cell phone

    ...w/ more room to spare :wlae:
  6. I think as much as a city, or close to it. It's nothing like the First which I find total useless except for going out at night. It's too small, the strap is too short, I love my flat brasses but I don't care for the first. I can't fit anything in it and it's too small for me. The Twiggy is a fabulous bag. I like it almost as much as the City.
  7. i love my twiggy, when i travel it holds these....

    small 500ml water bottle
    coin purse
    makeup pouch

    it even fits in the half sized mags.

    i'd say it holds about the same (or only slightly less) than the city but still looks like a small bag.
  8. Thanks everybody....guess my next bbag will be a twiggy....just didn't want it laying around in my closet with my "useless" first because if that were the case I could just lay the $$ in there with her instead...maybe she would grow into a city or something then:roflmfao:

    (I am not knocking the first for those of you who love her...I just carry alot of stuff!)
  9. Its so squishy you can stuff a lot of things in there. Get one and make us proud :smile:
  10. I love the twiggy style. I orginally DID NOT like it. I only got it because I read other people rave about it. I figured I would get it home and NOT like it.

    I think it is my favorite shape now. It carries alot, looks small and is super cute.
  11. the twiggy definitely holds alot of stuff. it carries about 3 times more than a first. go for it!
  12. The Twiggy is an awsome sized bag... definately fits a heap in...

    The standard things I have in my Twiggy are:

    * Large Wallet
    * Large Sunglasses + case
    * Bal Coin Purse filled with makeup
    * Mobile Phone
    * Digital Camera (sometimes)

    Even with all this stuff my Twiggy still slouches, which is what I love!
  13. Thanks girls...some a twiggy it will be for a color...aqua maybe??? Do they look better in dark, bright or light colors or doesn't it make a difference?
  14. oops I was adding something in there and it sent for some was suppose to say...some of you girls do carry alot like me so a twiggy it will be then...
  15. I saw a Vert Gazon Twiggy, and that looked AWSOME

    Attached is a pic of my Navy Twiggy (with Rouge Vif City).

    It's a darker colour, but still stands out in its own way!