How much stuff can a Speedy 25 hold?

  1. I'm thinking of getting one but wasn't sure how much it can hold inside. I typically carry a regular size wallet, keys, cell phone, a make up case(about 6x4x2"), and my IPod. Are these too much? Will it get too crowded?

  2. here's what i carry in mine:

    wallet, cell phone, mini iPod, keys, makeup, and pencil case and medium agenda when i go to school
    purseket 001.jpg purseket 002.jpg purseket 003.jpg purseket 004.jpg
  3. That bag fits a ton. No problem fitting what you have listed.
  4. I have the Speedy 25 in Cerises, and it holds quite a bit! My suggestion is to get a piece of cardboard to put in the bottom to keep the shape of the bag so that you don't have it sag out and stress the handles!
  5. Wow, that fits a lot, I was thinking about getting one too. Is that a red or cranberry purseket?
  6. it's red
  7. i was also wondering this, because i want to know how the 25 fits compared to the 30 any side by side pics?, i was thinking about the damier azur speedies- which is gonna be my first speedy and my first LV purchase in a very long time
  8. :yes: ^^ditto
  9. [​IMG]

    I found this old picture of my monogram speedy 25,I also have more room to fit more things inside also.:heart:
  10. You'll be amazed at what a speedy 25 can hold.
    If you check this thread out you'll see tones of pic's with speedys filled or a list of what it can hold.
  11. that thread doesnt "exist" can anyone else help? i dont want to go into the store and stuff all my stuff in a bag thats not mine ...just to compare them...
  12. Sorry about that, here you go PURSEKETS
  13. omg thank you! now still need to decide, but i have two months lol...
  14. A Speedy 25 can hold alot. See photo.
    inside my bag2.JPG
  15. Yep, I was surprised how much it holds! And as others have mentioned, if the sagging bottom bothers you, a piece of cardboard or a thin catalog in the bottom works amazingly well.