How much should you expect to pay for second hand...

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  1. Silverado's & Paddingtons?

    I'm looking at both on eBay and was wondering what is acceptable and what is a rip off!

    There is a beautiful Python listed on eBay by a very reputable seller and tPFer but I'm not sure if £695 is too much or an acceptable asking price?

    This is my first Chloe - i'm more knowledgeable about Balenciaga so i would appreciate some help.

    Thanks you!! :P
  2. It's hard to judge the value of a second hand bag, as there are so many factors to take into account.

    It might be a rare colour or style, it might be in mint condition, or it could be in a really poor condition and need a lot of work done.:shrugs:

    Your best idea I think would be to search the completed listings on ebay - this will let you see what the bags sell for and hopefully give you an idea of what you'd have to spend to get the bag you want. I think right now it's a buyer's market, so it's working in your favour :heart:
  3. Juicy - TBH its really not possible for girls to estimate a bags worth. That is something which you - as a potential buyer - need to do. You need to set yourself a budget - one which you are happy with - then stick to that. There isn't any sense in your spending over budget, as you will then think - oh - I might have got this cheaper, did I pay too much? I think check completed listings on EBay - but bear in mind that a high percentage of both Paddys and Silverados are unfortunately fake. I know you've certainly seen that with Silverados over the past day.

    You mention a Python listed on EBay - and yes the seller is a tPFer - and IMO its not appropriate to discuss her or her pricing - as its of course entirely possible for her to view. The only thing I can say is that the girl in question is a highly respected seller and authenticity would never be an issue.
  4. My apologies Lesley, i just wanted a rough estimate. I am aware the seller is reputable as i have purchased from her in the past. All i wanted to know is would other Chloe lovers pay that much? If people are uncomfortable discussing this then feel free to PM me - i am no way wishing to start a slanging match over pricing. I just needed some guidance as i know what is reasonable when it comes to discontinued B'bags.

    I have looked at the completed listings on eBay but there are very few Silverado's and the ones that there are, are fake!

    If i could perhaps pitch the question in a different way.. do you think the Silverado's and Paddington's will hold their value, increase or decrease in value? As i know some Balenciaga colourways are holding their value very well due to the popularity and rarity!

    If this is still inappropriate please close this thread.
  5. I got my python choco silverado for around 500 euros last November... I suppose Tedstar's silverado is in mint condition, as all her bags are...
  6. you have to expect to pay more for a python bag than normal leather... I would think that prices would vary a lot between the variations of silverados and paddingtons too, as well as how used they are etc.

    If you are wanting to get one off ebay I would suggest watching something very similar to what you are intending to purchase, and seeing around how much it sells for - to give you an idea....
  7. No one suggested you were starting 'slanging match' over pricing, but its important that we respect other members and their sales.

    As for price - its always subjective. For me - if I wanted a Python Silverado - then I'd happily pay the price on the listing you refer to - as the bag is unquestionably authentic and will be in pristine condition.

    It is possible to buy for less - but again it is dependent on the bag, who is looking at the time, and how the bidding goes. Remember - its not uncommon for 'shill bidding'.

    The same goes for paddingtons - you can be lucky and get an authentic paddy for £250 or you may have to pay £500 - it again depends on the bag,and who is bidding.

    As for holding their value. IMO - Chloe do not hold their value as well as the discontinued and rarer Balenciaga bags. Balenciaga definitely do hold price better IMO. I have three discontinued and rare Balenciaga bags - 04 Eggplant Twiggy, 04 Eggplant WE and 05 Bubblegum Pink First. In terms of their value - they would - at this point in time fetch much more than a Chloe of that era would, and considerably more than their original retail price.

    I think, when buying, you must always be happy paying the price - if not - then walk away.

    Right now - with the current economic climate - you may find that bags become slightly cheaper to buy - and you may well find something which you love at a great price. Its a case of being patient - which isn't easy when you desperately want something.

    Hopefully the above helps - I'm happy to leave the Thread open - providing we don't discuss sellers and their specific prices in overly much detail.

  8. That's brilliant, thank you very much for your guidance Lesley!
  9. i think you can be lucky and get one of you most wanted bags quite cheap if your patient! i have done this a few times!
    set you self a limit and stick to it thats what i do! pick what colour style you want and stick to it!
    the python bags vary in price a lot! you can get on for £200+, i recommend you search through ebay and also try, be patient and im sure you will get the bag of your dreams!
  10. Juicy - no problem - you'll find the right one - it may take longer than you'd hoped - but when you find her - you'll be so pleased - Don't let frustration get to you - :P
  11. ^^^ totally agree dont let the bag lust take over! wait look every week or so you will know the bag and then price will be only part of your consideration imo
  12. Patience always pays off in the has for me!:tup:
  13. Me too - it took about four months of constant and i mean constant, really obsessive searching to find my first and, well, i just haven't stopped! You think you miss a bag or you get outbid and then a couple of weeks later another one pops up in even better condition for a better price! It's all about keeping your eye out and good old lady luck!
  14. However if you like the bag and python is more rare you don't want to let it pass you by.
  15. ^^lol spoken like a true obsessive