How much should one pay for a used CITY

  1. I've been looking at lots of the 05 citys are going for £600 + !! thats like a 2 yr old bag, how much should i be expecting to pay?

    and the firsts are going for about $900, is this reasonable? how much are they new in the states?

    Thanks! xx
  2. I think this depends on the condition of the bag, the quality of the leather for that season and the desirability of the colour. Some of the 05 bags listed at the moment tick all these boxes.

    If I am buying a gently used bag in really good condition to use and keep for ever I don't mind paying retail price or a bit more for it.

    If the bag has suffered, is dirty or I might want to resell it, I would be careful what I chose and how much I paid for it, so as not to lose out on the deal long term.
  3. thanks! i was just thinking £600 for a 2 yr old bag is a bit steep!
    what is the retail of a city and a first in the US new?

  4. The 05's seem to be getting the best prices.

    They are noted for having the best leather.

    I've seen some 05's go higher than brand new 07's!