how much should i sell this for?

  1. Not sure if this belongs here or the other forum. Anyway Ibought this coach last december at the Outlet in New York. I dont know why I did, maybe due to the excitement of not buying one for a while. Anyway it's too "mature" looking for me and Ifind that it's not big enough to hold my stuff (i carry everything with me). So I never use it and I want to sell it. I only used it a handful of times. I forgot the model number or name of the bag though--so I want to sell it on Craigslist or eBay. How much do you think I should get for it?
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  2. The model number is the last 5 numbers on the creed. You can do a search on eBay of Coach XXXXX where the X's are the serial number (might be 4 or 5 numbers). You might find the name that way - Probably something like Coach Sgnature Medium Carryall...
  3. Do a search for "completed items" that are similar to yours on eBay to see how much they sold for... this is the first thing I do when I'm considering selling something.