How much should I sell this Coach photo album for?

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  1. Hi all! :smile:

    I want to sell a Coach photo album on eBay, but I received it as a gift 2 years ago and have nooo idea what I should sell it for. Some prices on eBay are going for $80 & some only for $20 (which is really low I think, maybe fake). It holds pictures size 4x6 but is about 5x7 in size, with embossed leather with a vinyl-ish lining around it. It's been used but not man-handled or carried around, just sat on my coffee table.

    I've included a pic. If anyone could help me who knows the retail value or what I should set the bid at, I'd appreciate it!! Thanks!!
  2. I'd just list it at $35 to start with a $89.99 BIN, no reserve and hope for the best :smile:
    Afterall, it was a gift so even if you only sell it for the $35 you're still making about $30 after eBay fees.
  3. Also post a lot of pictures and detailed one of the stamps using the macro setting (flower) in your camera. You can check to avoid pictures fees. Good Luck!
  4. Thanks!! Those are both good ideas. I'll probably list it for $35
  5. Ok, I listed it for $39.99. I want to put the money from it towards my next new bag (my purse fund, lol), so at least $40 feels like a substantial amount. I love the photo album alot, so I can rationalize selling it by getting an amount that will make a small dent in paying the cost of an expensive bag. Okay... maybe $40 isn't that much, but you know how it is- every bit helps! :smile: