How much should I sell my wallet for?


Hermes Only
Jan 18, 2006
Okay so I'm going to get the koala wallet but how much should I sell my white MC port monnaie billets viennois for? I was thinking $500.00 it's in mint condition, the leather is light. However the change compartment has gotten it's usually dirty color but it's not that bad- I hate that about LV wallets!
Here are some pictures


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You can clean the coin compartment so it doesn't look so dirty! Get a white washcloth or papertowel and get it just very slightly damp, it should clean a lot of the coin dust out of there. You can also use a baby wipe, just make sure you dry it out when you are done. The leather on the interior of the wallets is treated and doesn't absorb stains like the exterior trim does.
I had a white MC PMP and it had the same problem, with the coin compartment being dirty from holding the coins. I used a regular gum/pencil eraser and it came clean with no problems. I just erased lightly over the dirty areas. I think I would try that before anything else as that would seem to be the best way to clean with the least amount of potential damage.
Thanks for the tips! I've decided not to sell becasue the koala wallet is just about the same size. I'm going to go and clean that dust out right now!!
Jayney and luvshopping90: thank you for the tips. I just tried them and my wallet is like brand new there is not a mark anywhere!!!! I'm so glad I found this out because now I really don't want to sell it!!!