How much should I sell my LV Sologne for?

  1. I've been contemplating selling my LV Sologne Multi in white.
    I used it for 4 days in a row on my trip to hawaii and it's been in the closet since. I've seen it in BIN on EBay for around $900 but no one ever buys it so I just need an's got the normal wear of a four day use..great condition!!.
    TY!:yahoo: :hysteric: :yahoo: :hysteric: :yahoo:
  2. hmmm, maybe about 20% below the retail price?
  3. mmkay...sounds good!
  4. MC Sologne doesn't go for that much on ebay...I hate to say it. I ended up selling mine on ebay for about $550. I watched for about a month at the different listings for that style bag and the mypoupette sellers do a little bit better than others...but not by much. Luckily I bought mine off of ebay for about 650 a year ago. Hope that helps.
  5. I'll have to agree with you on that! ty!