how much should i pay for an embossed scarlett?

  1. the price of black embossed scarlett i had my eye on on eBay has gone up to $300. :sad: do you guys think it's worth paying more than $300 for one? for that price i can get an embossed sienna but in brown but i don't want one. the brown embossed scarlett is still below $200 though.
  2. Are you sure you want embossed? They are stiffer than the smooth.
  3. i know, but i don't mind a structured bag, n i really like the look of the embossed leather. but i'm just not sure about paying so much for it. another thing is i just found a black embossed sienna for sale on eBay for a little more. perhaps i should get this instead? will be posting the link on the "authenticate this kooba" thread soon.
  4. I think you might be able to get one on sale if you look around a little. They've been out for awhile now and I know sellers like to get rid of old stock. I remember Karizma having it on sale a LONG time ago - plus an extra 30, so it was definitely under 300. I'll keep my eyes peeled for you. :rolleyes:
  5. thanks a lot jadejett :smile: but the problem is i'm not sure some of those online stores entertain international customers. for example, it's not stated on Karizma's website whether they will accept international orders, and i haven't asked them.

    i really like the embossed scarlett n correct me if i'm wrong but it seems to me scarletts in general are harder to find than the siennas now, in embossed or smooth leather. i'm thinking that the stores have already cleared their stock before i got interested in the bags? oh well... guess i was a bit slow getting into koobas haha... i'm just trying to justify to myself for paying more than the BIN price if i do decide to bid on it now. the auction closes in a few hours. m kicking myself now for not getting it at a lower price when i could.
  6. Well I live in Canada, so I have my share of problems when it comes to getting good deals, that's for sure. I'm gonna go scour some sites for you now, but in the meantime if you check out this link, Grechen has a fabulous list of Kooba sites - and the discount coupons don't hurt either! Not sure where you live but hope that helps.
  7. thanks so much for your help jadejett so sweet of you to do so :smile: i live in singapore actually.

    i have checked out quite a number of the various websites listed in gretchen's closet. most of the time the first thing i do when i visit a new website is to check out their customer service or help link to see if they ship internationally. if they don't and they have something that i really want, then i'll email them to ask if they will accept a foreign credit card but ship to a US address. there are two mail forwarding companies that i use for online shopping in the states. they can actually help me buy items from stores that do not accept foreign credit cards but i will need to pay about 5% or so more for the service.

    btw let you in on somethign i just did something naughty, i put in a snipe bid on that black embossed scarlett i was eyeing n won the auction. :yahoo: i just couldn't resist. might have paid too much i know but heck. so i think i've got my scarlett fix for now hehe...

    u guys were right. these bags are addictive. i believe i'm on the path to financial ruin like someone else has mentioned too somewhere in this forum :shocked: