How much should I offer for this Prada wallet?

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  1. This woman is selling this new Prada wallet, but I don't know what is a decent amount that would still constitute as a great deal. I've seen some gorgeous Prada wallets that the tpfers have, and it makes this one look so bland. But this has its classic look to it, and I might get a deal out of it. Give me your opinions, please!
  2. Love it! Not sure about the price for that though. Maybe $150-200 would be a good deal IMO.
  3. That seems like a good price to me - no more than $200.
  4. Id say offer 175 shipped
  5. Are there any authenticity concerns? I can't see anything with just the one picture. I just wanted to be sure you were certain it's authentic.

    I'm with the others: $150-175. It's an older style, at least judging by the triangle logo.
  6. Thanks everyone for your advice. She only gave me one picture, as she is in the middle of moving. I'm most likely going to pick it up from her, so are there any specific things that I should look for to ensure authenticity?
  7. ^^^Ask her where she bought it for the first question. If it came from a Prada boutique, NM, BG or Saks you're pretty much OK. Otherwise, you'd need to post pics of the wallet here so we can look at it. ;)
  8. Thank you, Prada. I'm worried that if she doesn't have the receipt anymore, she can just claim she bought it those places. Are there any things that I should look at that would clearly give out that its a fake? Maybe something on the button, the location of the serial number, etc.?
  9. There aren't serial numbers on Prada items. Just tell her you're curious where she got it. You don't have to say why.