How much should I list my bag for

  1. I am looking into selling a brand new botkier medium gold bianca. I have the dustbag and authenticity card. How much should I list it for?
  2. I would do a quick check on eBay. check for listing prices and what they actually sell for.
  3. Look at Botkier bags in the completed listings and it should give you a good idea of how much they are going for.
  4. Yeah, you can search completed listings to get an idea of how much they ended for. I just listed a Botkier as well, and that is what I did - good luck :smile:
  5. To get to the completed listings go to advanced search and put a check mark under completed.

    One additional thought..many items sell for less in the the picture you get might not be completely accurate.
  6. I always start auctions out low... if you're wary of it not selling for what you want, set a reserve or a BIN.

    Take lots and lots and LOTS of pics. The better the pics, the better the sale! :smile: Good luck!
  7. &watermark them, so they can't be as easily stolen. :yes:
  8. why do items sell for less in the summer?? i was noticing that my auction seemed to be ending on the low side...
  9. people are vacationing and not spending so much time on the computers. kids are also out of school..