How much should I expect Canadian Customs to charge?

  1. I just ordered my City from Saks in New Orleans. They'll be declaring the full value of the bag, which is $1,195. They wouldn't lower the value for me, but I guess it's for the better since I wanted to insure the bag just in case...

    I'm prepared to get hit by customs, but I'm praying for them to somehow miss me... :angel: How much have you Canadian girls paid when customs charged you? I'm hoping it won't cost me so much...
  2. I hate to tell you but the chances of them 'missing' you is quite slim - esp. if they(Saks) declare the actual price.

    you should expect to pay at least $200CDN! they will automatically add the GST and then there's the brokerage fee, then the actual customs fee and so on.

    goodluck and keep us updated so we'd know what to expect when it's our turn :smile:
  3. I was just at Saks New Orleans. Which bag are you getting?
  4. Gst 7%
    Pst dep. on your province
    Duty of 14- 26% depending on what materials are listed as being the primary ones on the Customs form
    Brokerage (tiered) if coming by courier. For $1200, it's around $85- $95. It's brutal!
  5. I got the Anthracite City in RH. Yeah, I thought it would be around $200. Still cheaper than buying it at Holts..
  6. Unless they have 2, I saw that one and the leather was great. Congrats!
  7. i hate to break it to you, but i ordered a work from BalNY last year and paid $260 in custom fees in order to get it to montreal. good luck.. but you will love it nonetheless!
  8. I'm in Toronto and I've bought three Cities from BalNY and paid $317.00 CDN, $329.00 CDN. and $349.00 CDN. No idea why the discrepencies and don't want to ask for dear of getting further screwed. Good's STILL cheaper than Holts. How bizarre is THAT??!!
  9. Ladies! You can buy Bbag from Aloha Rag in Hawaii!! I live in Alberta & have bought 2 bags from them. They have great customer service too! They will "automatically" mark the bag with only 1/4 of its value. (You can request them to mark the bag with a lower price just to make sure) So at the end, I only pay $50 for duties (6% GST) & I bought the First! Plus, it's FREE shipping thru Fedex!!!! I highly recommend Aloha Rag & I am planning to get a Violet First from them soon!
  10. how long did it take for shipping?
  11. I think they use Fedex Economy..& I remember I order it on Friday..they ship it on Sat & I receive it on Tues! :yahoo:It's quite fast!
  12. WOW~thats nice!! thanks!!:tup:
  13. ^ Wow that is fast!! Aloha Rag didn't have the AnthraCity though... and I was dying for that color...
  14. that is really nice~~~ i am craving for bright color twiggies now~~!!

  15. Wow, thanks so much!!! I usually do LVR. It's great service and really fast delivery. But the customs a real killer. The 25% gets me everytime. Which makes me soooo nervous to order again (my fourth time, if). I'll have to email AR now!!! But again, still better than Holts!! Imagine just how much they really do make!!! Almost all of everything (high end bags) have at least a $200 mark-up I've noticed. Haven't bought a bag from them in a long time.