How much should cerises pochette cost on ebay?

  1. I know the cerises is limited edition, but how much should I pay for a used one or a new pochette on ebay? How much is the pochette retail for? What is the retail price of the cerises speedy, agenda, round coin purse, wallet, etc back in 2005? Anybody knows? Thanks in advance! :heart: I joined TPF not long ago & all the LV that I like are limited edition. :crybaby: They are much more expensive than retail price. :crybaby: :crybaby:
  2. I've seen the Cerises pochette on eBay for $369 without anyone buying it...if you wait a bit and search regularly...I'm sure you can find some great deals on the pochette :yes: I think around $300 is a good price...although I think retail on those pochettes were a little higher...I'm not too sure...
  3. Found this info from an old thread.;)


    Keepall 45 $1370
    Bucket $1210
    Sac Plat $1140
    Speedy 25 $995
    Compact Zippé $525
    Porte-Monnaie Zippé $475
    Pochette Accessoires $355
    Porte-Monnaie Rond $235
    Pochette Clés $195

    Mmm....expect $250+ for a used Cerises Pochette.
  4. Call 866-VUITTON ...there might still be a couple available at retail price.
  5. Yeah I was able to find one through 866-vuitton...good luck!
  6. Thanks guys!!! Is that 866-vuitton only for US residents?
  7. I got a new one from 1866 about 2 weeks ago for $375 plus tax and shipping.
  8. I just called that number & they look for them for me & it's all SOLD OUT!! I guess I need to go on ebay then. :crybaby: