How much sealant peeling is worth sending in?

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  1. I know Coach can't(*ahem* won't) fix peeling sealant(I just got a merch credit for my shoulder bag a few days ago), and I noticed on my camel Legacy flap it has a bit of sealing missing in one spot(my Gigi is still fine thank goodness!). Insignificant now, but I am not sure how quickly it will continue to peel. As much as I love it I do not love having to clean it so much, so if I do send it in I won't be heartbroken if they don't send it back to me. Should I wait and just let more peel off before I send it in? I don't want to be flagged or something for sending in too many repairs(though I have only had two, with only one resulting in a merchandise credit).

  2. It looks like the sealant is painted a little thinly there, doesn't look like it's peeling really. It's up to you if you want to send it in or not. I know little flaws usually bother me but that one wouldn't. It still looks nice.
  3. I wouldn't send it in now, but am not sure when I should(only if it peels more). The bag I sent back had lots of peeling in several spots. Hopefully it is just thinly painted.
  4. i:heart:handbags,

    I really hope yours doesn't peel anymore, and that the sealant is simply thin in that spot.

    That being said, you might want to take a look at this old post (warning: graphic!!) From personal experience, there is a likelihood this will continue to peel and may even split. Sorry to be Debbie Downer here. On the plus side, it's not going to compromise the structure of the bag.

    I have three Ali's, all were purchased new, and they are in various stages of peeling and minor splitting of the leather loops attached to the O rings. I love these bags and decided to touch them up with glue now and then, and get some edging sealant and touch them up as well, instead of sending them back to Coach.

    Like you said, Coach won't fix them, and I don't want to give my Ali's up even for credit.

    It comes down to whether you can live with it or not, KWIM?
  5. That is great advice Pursanista!

    What kind of glue or edging sealant do you use?
    (Brand names and where they can be purchased from too please)

    I have had some minor issues with the handle on my black Lily but I resolved it using another method....... cuticle nippers!
    Mind you, it was done very carefully and seems to have fixed her.... for now.
    I may be sorry about doing so later on down the line though.
  6. i'm going to shock a few people but i found some slightly peeling sealant on my rose shoulder bag and i took a lighter to it. when it melts, i just use my finger to wrap it down again. i don't know how long this is going to last but as a quick fix it seems to work. if it gets worse, i'll sniff around to try to buy the sealant itself.
  7. :nuts: ^ That's great Dragonette! ^ If it behaves like a wax that you can reheat and mold, I think I'd do it too. People do that with the worn ends of their shoelaces to stop the laces from fraying. I'll consider that for my bags that I love if I don't want to give them up. I guess desperate times requires desperate measures. Since you're far away from outlets and Coach stores with reasonable priced items, returning the item for repairs are a hassle. Also, in your particular case, it's not possible for Coach to replace the rose shoulder bag because it's so an older bag and it's beautifully rare.
  8. it almost behaves like wax! i have to add a word of caution... it does seem to ignite very slightly if you burn it for too long. it doesn't actually catch fire, but it seems to burn itself slightly. so use this method with caution! :yes:
  9. ITA, I'd light it quickly and blow out and move the sealant around. So far, I haven't tried it yet. I may totally steer clear on patent leather though because the whole thing looks like it can light up. [Yikes!]
  10. I wouldnt send it in until your ready to say goodbye to the bag considering they most likely wont fix it. I agree with trying to glue or fix it at home.
  11. Thanks for the input everyone. I think I am going to just wait and see. I am too afraid to try and melt anything. I would probably end up burning my bag lol.
  12. Agreed. My black Ali is having some sealant issues but they will have to peel it out of my cold dead hands before I let it go...