How much *real* use can a bbag take?

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  1. So I've received my first bbag and I like it a lot. But so many people say that bbags are fragile and can't take a beating. I was surprised to read one post saying their bag was looking old and used after 1 year of constant use. Now I would def expect to get more than 1 year's use out of a handbag in this price range.

    What is your experience? How do these bags REALLY hold up after daily use over an extended period of time? Please share.
  2. IMO, it depends on the color. My black Twiggy is my go-to bag that goes everywhere and does everything & wears like iron.

    My rouge vif or caramel, OTOH, I need to be much more careful with because they show stains and scuffs.
  3. I think that bags are like cars- yep- you can take 'em to hell and back but you'll still need an oil change, tire rotation, and a wash every once in a while- I just mean, you'll still need to condition your bag and examine it every once in a while- KWIM?
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