How much personal info can a hacker get?

  1. My Hotmail account was hacked. I realized pretty quickly, and changed my password. I was going through my email though, and realized I had a bank pre-qualification for a home loan saved in my sent emails. It had our social security numbers on it. What should I do?
  2. Google "credit bureau fraud alert" and consider putting fraud alerts on your credit reports with the 3 agencies. It will make it harder for you to open any new credit accounts for a period of time.

    You may need to do more than this.
  3. Thanks. It just happened to come at a really bad time. I did Google and read some information about putting fraud alerts even a credit freeze on our social security numbers. The only problem is we are waiting any day now to take a bid for our house to the bank. I called the bank to see if they already ran our credit so I can put a freeze on our credit report. If it weren't for that I'd do the credit freeze, we have all the credit cards we're ever going to need.
  4. You would probably get more responses in the Money Talks forum.