How much overcharge on shipping b4 you complain?

  1. Just want to know what you guys think? Usually if it's $5 or less, than I let it go but anything order makes me feel a little cheated. I once had a lady charge me $10 more than what it cost her (i even factored in $2 for the packaging!!) so i asked for a refund.
  2. I always factor in the cost of shipping in the total I want to spend.

    Sorry but I hate it when people ask for a refund. Its clearly stated in the auction how much its going to be so if you think its to high, don't bid.
  3. I usually include the shipping price into the actual item price just for this reason. I hated being overcharged if it cost ilke £5 less lol
  4. I would never complain. The shipping charge is clear in the auction and if I don't agree with it, I don't bid.
  5. :oh: Wow, I didn't realize you guys thought negatively of this. I know it's a problem on eBay that some people charge way over what actual shipping is and price their items low, making money off the shipping. I don't think it's unfair to simply ask.

    Sometimes you can't expect how much shipping is going to be but I don't think it's unreasonable to feel disappointed when you paid a hefty price for shipping only to realize it didn't cost nearly that amount.
  6. I actually feel guilty and refund anything over $5....I overestimate my shipping charges! I also email my buyers the DC# and insurance# and I tell them flat out how much it cost me with purchasing the box (my bags are too big for priority mail boxes)!
  7. I don't complain about shipping costs.
  8. i factor it in when i bid and if it is more than i want to pay, i don't bid. i guess i consider all things sometimes including gas, supplies, and such. not everyone is 2 minutes from a post office like me...
  9. I factor in the shipping cost when I bid. I realize that it's not just the cost of the box & postage itself. Sure, it's a bit annoying when I pay for a shipping charge of $14.99 and then see a package arrive w/ a $3 postage, but as long as the item comes on time & is as described, I don't really have a problem.
  10. Can't complain about shipping once you bid.
  11. I also just don't bid if the shipping charge is too much for what they are providing. I would complain, however, if something happened like I paid for priority with insurance and they sent it first class for a lot cheaper. That's a bait and switch, and wrong IMO.
  12. I feel the same way. I totally understand asking for the shipping to be refunded if the seller shipped it a cheaper method (i.e., regular mail when buyer pays for overnight) or the seller made a large error in their listing. (i.e., selling size 5 shoes and sent size 7). These cases aren't the buyer's fault and I think the sellers need to make things right.
  13. Agree completely :yes:
  14. That is exactly how I feel about it. The shipping charges are clearly stated, so if you don't agree with them and are going to ask for a refund, then don't bid--or if you really want the item, see if you can work out a lower shipping rate ahead of time (NOT after you buy the thing) with the seller.

    Sellers arrive shipping & handling fees based on all sorts of things, not just the actual shipping costs. Bubble wrap is expensive. Paper is expensive. So is tape. So is gasoline. The seller's time isn't free either.

    Next time you are tempted to ask for your three or five bucks back "on principle", just think about the reasons why a seller might have set that shipping fee the way they did (and think about the fact that you as the buyer agreed to it!).

    This is in NO way intended to bash buyers, because obviously as a seller, we need you!! But I just wanted to take a second and give you some food for thought about what else might go into the shipping & handling of your item.

    edited because I wanted to add that if you pay for Priority and get First Class--that's totally different!! I would absolutely ask for (um, demand) a refund in that case.
  15. totally agree with CynthiaNYC!!!! it's shipping and handling.

    honestly, I think $10 extra would slightly bother me too, but now you know to perhaps ask for a discount on shipping (before you bid) if you think it's too high.