How much over retail would you pay?

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  1. My dream bag is available on the pre-loved market. A K28 sellier etoupe palladium hw. The price is just under $17k. A recent law requires that I must also pay sales tax of approx $1300. I don’t live near an H store, so the opportunity for me to take the time to travel and hope for availability or an offer is small. Would you satisfy your desire for that perfect bag by paying $18k? Or would you wait and hope to one day buy one at H? Would I be foolish to pay this price?

    I currently have a B30 in gris toureterlle with rose Tyrien lining, a K35 retourne in etain (it was incorrectly described as a 32, but so beautiful I decided to keep it) with palladium HW, a K32 sellier in bleu obscure sombrero leather gold HW. I “need” a smaller size Kelly for daily use. My bleu K32 works, but I’d like the option of a lighter neutral color. My K35 is more of a travel tote, and as much as I love my B30, I need a shoulder strap and prefer the look of a K. I’m pretty sure the K28 I’m looking at would complete my collection, and I could get rid of 8 other bags in my collection to make room for it. I’ve been downsizing, and if I got this Kelly, I would gladly part with 8 other bags that I never thought I would.
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  2. gurlllll K28 is a great size! thats too much price though. Question: are you willing to keep spending money at the H store hoping to be offered that exact combo? If not, use that money to pay for the difference on preloved.
    Although, I would pay maybe 2k max over the retail price. I say keep researching. Preloved market should have a lot of these.
  3. $17k is too much of a premium for me on a 28. I have bought resale in the past, but the prices on the small bags are really outrageous. At least if I get an offer at the store, I can spend my $2k on shawls I can use.
  4. As long as you have the funds and you're financially set, I don't see the issue with paying over retail. You love the bag and you can afford it: I say go for it.
  5. how much do you want it? And how soon? If you want it right now right now then go for it. Otherwise I would wait. It’s not that rare of a combo, I am sure you can find a better price somewhere. But if you can’t wait, then just buy it! Life is short.
  6. Personally I would rather put this sum aside and save for a croc bag. K28 sellier etoupe, assuming in epsom, is a very classic bag that is more available than some other colours and leathers. I guess I have the patience, imo you have many lovely bags you can enjoy in the meantime.
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  7. I might pay 5k over retail for a 25cm... not a 28. I think maybe 3k over for a 28 would be my max. 17k is a little like highway robbery IMO. I’d keep looking! A better priced one will be out there.

    BUT.. I know what it’s like to HAVE to have something NOW (paid double premium for a Disney frozen Elsa castle because I need it by Christmas and it’s sold out :crybaby:) ... so if you MUST have it now.. go for it! Just make sure you search a few more times for something better priced just in case!
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  8. Thank you all for your responses. I forgot to mention the bag is brand new with tags and box and plastic protectors intact. I don’t want a 25. That would be too small for me, as I find even my 32 is almost a little tricky to get open wide enough. And I do not like my bags filled. I like them very roomy and not packed. I always second guess myself with bags. I should not have purchased 8 Louis Vuittons, Chanels, & Prada several months ago. Kicking myself. But I would probably still question myself when it comes to putting down $18k for 1 bag. I have the funds - I just question whether it is a wise decision, because money in the bank earns interest. On the other hand, I want it!!!
  9. And no, I’m not willing to spend money at H in hopes of becoming a “favored” customer. I have bought a few things here and there that I want or need, such as scarves and belts, but not baubles and useless knickknacks. I would have to be fortunate enough to walk in and get the bag I want. I tend to be very lucky in life that way. But nothing is guaranteed.
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  10. Sell the 8 bags and use the funds to offset the one you want. Just buy it. Without a SA relationship, you dont have many additional options and if the bag was $2k less that may be more reasonable, but it also may never happen. Just know you will never likely recover the full amount of the funds you spend from it, but if it is your HG, go for it.
  11. I say buy it, I have spent that much and more, Fashionphile sells their new bags for around this price. Instant gratification is very satisfying.
  12. I’m currently waiting for authentication. I’m a bit fearful it will get snapped up by some loving husband who wants to surprise his wife for Christmas. But the recent addition of sales tax for purchases from pre-loved sites makes me ill to think about. Over $1300 in taxes!! I thought about taking a trip to France in hopes of getting a 2 for one: bag and trip. But I might not even get an appointment at H.
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  13. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush & you can only answer HOw bad do I want it???
    The suggestion above about selling the bags to fund the purchase would be an option to think about.
    You mention that you should not have purchased the 8 bags that you already own.
    Why not buy the bag that you do love or just enjoy your other H bags & think about a trip to Paris
    for a possible score
    Look 18K is a huge number, if you are comfortable with this bag, indulge yourself..
    If it is sold how will that make you feel?
  14. Am not sure I would sell the Chanel if you are going to lose money. Chanel prices get jacked every year and perhaps 2x in a year. There is no guarantee if you spend that magic number at H that you will get what you want. A bunch o years back I was offered to SO a second Kelly, which I did. It never showed up and was told none showed up when my order was placed. You can imagine how quickly the cash flow stopped. Do not play that insulting game and just buy the bag.
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  15. In US and asian retail markets , a brand new kelly 28 in epsom is around 16500 $ to 18000 $ depends on color and hardware . So the price you mentioned is reasonable , I've never seen a birkin or kelly that is only 2k above market price! . Worn vintage bags can go under retail price, but non vintage used bags are worth 1500 to 3000 $ more than retail price. Brand new bags can go for 5000 t0 6000 $ over retail price . Retail price is a bags price in the US and Asia not Europe .

    I just bought a kelly 28 anemone epsom with ghw from H boutique in the Middle East ( the same prices as the US ) for 11,750$ . The same bag ( brand new ) is sold by resellers for 18,300 $ .